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Rinascentia – Orchard Of Youth, Vitamin C + Collagen Serum


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes organic kakadu plum, several types of vitamin c and organic rose distillate.
Rinascentia is an animal cruelty-free brand that sources Australian-made organic ingredients and uses Fair Trade Baraka Shea Butter. Products are designed and manufactured locally and are plastic bead-free.
Pesticide-free ingredients are chosen for Rinascentia products, which are housed in glass jars and bottles to avoid the use of plastic and encourage customer refills. Compostable mailers are also used for deliveries.
Rinascentia proudly supports the Australian Marine Conservation Society, as well as the Starlight Children’s Foundation and Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

What our experts say...

The packaging is luxurious and attractive. The serum has a pleasant texture and scent and feels decadent on the skin. I like that collagen is combined with vitamin C for enhanced results. I’m personally very impressed by this brand. Their various philanthropic efforts, and consciousness in terms of ingredients, packaging, and sustainability across their business practices showcases a real passion in wanting to make a positive difference.

– Neha Hobson

A brightening and reviving blend of vitamin C, rose and Kakadu plum that leaves skin glowing and with a slight golden tint. It’s great that the jars can be refilled on-premises. Also good to see them working with Australian Marine Conservation Society and Starlight foundation and sourcing Fair Trade Shea Butter.

–Sigourney Cantelo

This beautiful serum, packed with high-potency vitamin C and marine collagen, smells divine and feels wonderful when applied to my skin. After a few days of use, my skin is visibly brighter, at the same time as feeling softer. Given the high concentration of vitamin C, I use it just once per day. Love the green glass jar and love the heartfelt values of this small-batch skincare brand.

–Emma Freeman

Having used this serum the night before, my skin is noticeably plump, smooth and soft in the morning, like no other. Despite being filled with a variety of types of potent vitamin C, this incredible serum maintains a gentleness and deep nourishment about it which doesn’t make my sensitive skin react. Absolutely gorgeous.

–Emily Fletcher

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