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Ritual Herb Bar – Dream Organic Herbal Tea



Our Dream Tea is made with organic herbs, carefully blended to promote relaxation. Its vibrant colours and aroma, coupled with a delightful floral taste enhanced by a hint of pineapple, make it very satisfying.

Made from excellent clean, Certified organic ingredients including rose petals, chamomile and lemon balm.
Ritual Herb Bar uses 100% natural and certified organic ingredients in their products. They prioritise Australian grown organic herbs when available and opt for premium higher grade herbal ingredients for greater therapeutic benefits and holistic environmental friendliness. The brand also sources all their postage supplies and labels from Australian companies with ethical and sustainable practices.
Ritual Herb Bar uses sustainable packaging materials including glass, 100% recycled and compostable kraft pouches and recycled paper mailing boxes with water-based ink. Compostable postage labels and adhesive, as well as water-activated tape are also used. The hex wrap is compostable and recyclable and all product labels are made from biodegradable paper. The brand operates a zero-waste office and products are handmade without the use of machinery. No unnecessary paper is used and a thermal printer requiring no ink replacement is used for shipping labels.
Ritual Herb Bar has engaged in various social responsibility initiatives since its creation, including providing naturopathic care services in remote villages in Thailand through Naturopaths Without Borders, as well as donating products and supplements to pop-up clinics for locals affected by floods in Northern NSW. The brand has also donated products for community events as prizes and giveaways.

Product reviews from our experts…


This was a really beautifully crafted calming tea blend. Well formulated, delicious, nutritious and the herbs are of great quality. I loved the addition of the pineapple.

As a Herbalist and gardener, I appreciate the sourcing of Australian grown organic herbs where possible. I also appreciate the community (both local and wider) support this business offers.

–Zenaya Sol


This naturopathically blended, organic, loose leaf tea has the most fulfilling floral fragrance and I really love the touch of sweetness that the addition of pineapple brings to the blend. My favourite way to serve the Dream tea is cold – delicious!

I really respect that Ritual Herb Bar uses 100% natural and certified organic ingredients, as well as the incredible efforts the brand makes to ensure their packaging is environmentally friendly.

–Dominique Scott


Love the mix of ingredients, the mix of rose and chamomile is totally delicious and makes it feel like you are in a rose petal bath!!! The packaging is also very environmentally friendly and it is good to know that they are donating to communities in need!

–Fiona Noonan

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