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Rochway – Fermented Olive Lead Concentrate 500ml – Natural Berry Flavour


Made from excellent ingredients including bio-fermented olive leaf, papaya and pomegranate seed and probiotics.
Rochway’s products are made in Australia with natural, wholesome ingredients. These ingredients have not been exposed to herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilisers. For example the brand’s organic Australian grown papaya and Australian grown probiotics. The majority of Rockway’s products are vegan.
Rochway’s high standards continue into their ethical and eco values, by aiming to reduce their footprint through minimising packaging and using recycled and sustainable materials wherever possible. Most of the brand’s packaging comes from materials such as cardboard, glass and PET bottles.
Rochway’s products, made from natural & quality ingredients, aim to support people’s health and wellness with the underlying belief that healthy people are happy people. The brand places great emphasis on diversity in their workplace and in the customers they reach, through empowering people of all race, body type, gender and age.

What our experts say...

I like that this product is easily mixed into a variety of different drinks, with various ways to consume it. It also appears that the brand has created a great company culture. 

– Rebecca Sullivan

I’d heard that olive leaf extract has powerful immune supporting antioxidants and I was super excited to try this concentrate – especially as an essential worker being face to face with community mid pandemic! I love that it is combined with 6 probiotics in one powerful natural immune supplement, which is so easy (and palatable!) to add into my morning routine. Gut health is essential for a strong immune system and I feel with the help of this I’m truly supporting my body in the best way possible. Highly recommended.

– Emily Fletcher

I have been enjoying adding this daily tonic to water and smoothies – it has a lovely, sweet, slightly tart taste and my 5 year old has enjoyed drinking it too. A wonderful blend of bio-fermented olive leaf with papaya, apple cider vinegar and pomegranate seed. I’m intrigued to see how olive leaf extract helps build immunity in my family long-term. It is good to see that the ingredients are organically and locally grown.

– Emma Freeman

This bio-fermented olive leaf concentrate is a wonderful way of taking in locally grown probiotics. The pleasant, subtle tasting syrup can easily be consumed as is or added to a glass of water to help aid digestion. As an individual with IBS, I was delighted to experience associated symptom relief after only a few days.

– Dominique Scott

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