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Made from excellent non-toxic materials. Food grade EU certified silicone.
Rommer products are made in China. The manufacturer of the Rommer Dinner set is BSCI Certified, has an ISO 9001 standard and is Sedex Compliant. Rommer Dinnerware is made of 100% LFGB grade Silicone to provide the safest products for families.
Rommer provides a silicone take back program for responsible recycling of their silicone products through TerraCycle ®. Orders are shipped in 100% Compostable mailers & Boxes with recyclable paper inside. The packaging is specifically designed for children to learn craft skills meaning families can re-use the box. Larger wholesale orders are shipped in the boxes received from the manufacturer, reducing waste. Rommer only manufactures in small batches to prevent over production. As the dinnerware is made of such high grade and durable LFGB silicone, the brand is an advocate for "passing on" the product when the child has outgrown it.
During the QLD Floods earlier this year Rommer sent care packages to over 50 families containing bibs, swaddles, bio toothbrushes etc, as well as rallying a few local labels to also donate items. Furthermore the brand donates to the Baby Give Back Charity, which helps families in crisis. They provide donations via social service agencies and social workers who are qualified to assess a family's needs.

What our experts say...


This stylish dinner set has become a big favourite in our house – especially when on the go! We use the cup and straw for smoothies and the bowl with lid for snacks whilst out and about. I love the neutral colour. I appreciate that Rommer offers a TerraCycle program and that efforts are made to support local communities.

–Emma Freeman


This dinner set is perfect! Size, quality and function PERFECTED by an ethical business. 5 STARS all round from me. It’s a truly beautiful set, that would be ideal as a gift. Rommer are also considerate of their footprint and impact which is demonstrated with their recycled packaging to their commitment to using the safest non-toxic materials, while also ensuring their manufacturer supports the welfare of their employees. It’s wonderful to see that Romer have put much thought into reducing waste and giving back to relevant charitable causes. The silicone take back recycling system they have is particularly wonderful. Covering the postage of this too is great for the consumer and responsible as a business.

–Melissa Mai


I love how thoughtfully made all of the items in the dinner set are. From the size of the items (perfect for kid portions), to the lid on the bowl. It’s such a beautifully smooth, lovely feeling product too – unbreakable and super user friendly. It’s awesome that the brand is so committed to the idea of their product being of such a high quality that its long life makes it ‘pass-onable’. It’s the polar opposite of the planned obsolescence model – which is obviously awesome!

–Veronica Milsom

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