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Roogenic – Collagen+ Powder



Collagen+ is a naturopath-designed superfood powder that aids in hydration and collagen production. It consists of a natural berry-flavoured blend containing high-quality bush foods such as Kakadu Plum and Davidson Plum, alongside collagen peptides, prebiotics and probiotics. This product supports healthy skin, hair and nails, while also reducing the visible signs of aging.

Made from excellent clean ingredients including hydrolysed collagen peptides, Kakadu plum & Davidson plum.
Roogenic is an Australian-owned brand offering naturopath-formulated wellness products made with wild-harvested native ingredients. The brand uses organic and all-natural ingredients and donates 10% of its profits to indigenous growers and community organizations, making its products good for people, the planet and the community.
Roogenic champions sustainability by offering a 100% Biodegradable Tea & Bushfood range, reducing plastic used in all postage by 90% in 2021, introducing lighter-weight packaging to reduce shipping carbon footprint and by sourcing native ingredients sustainably from Indigenous growers.
Roogenic is committed to supporting Indigenous growers, with 58% of their native ingredients sourced from these growers and $1.2 million in bush foods purchased from them to date. In addition, 10% of their profits are donated to Indigenous growers and community organizations and their team participates in annual volunteering at Reconciliation Australia locations in Western Australia and New South Wales.

Product reviews from our experts…


I love that this subtle, berry-flavoured drink contains a unique blend of ingredients that support collagen production, including hydrolysed collagen peptides and native Kakadu plum and Davidson plum. Dissolves easily into water and can be blended with smoothies or juice, too.

I admire that native ingredients have been wild-harvested and cultivated in line with first nations practices and that there is a solid commitment to giving back to first nations communities. I’m also impressed by the brand’s huge commitment to being sustainable.

–Emma Freeman


I love the powerful ingredients that are found in this wellness elixir, such as Kakadu plum, zinc, collagen peptides and pre and probiotics. I am always grateful for a product that has multiple benefits across both the body and mind. I have found this sweet berry-flavoured, functional powder a welcome addition to my morning smoothie!

Roogenic also considers their environmental impact through their packaging options and ingredient selection, with the brand proudly supporting local Indigenous growers and community organisations.

–Dominique Scott


It is good that this has the addition of berry for those who like a sweeter collagen. I really love the added benefits of Vit C from the plum and again, I am using this to assist adrenal fatigue and gut health too!

Great sustainability by offering a 100% Biodegradable Tea & Bushfood range! Also the fact that they support Indigenous growers and donate a percentage of profits to them is to be commended!

–Fiona Noonan

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