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Roogenic – Native Sleep


Made from excellent organic or wild crafted ingredients including jilungin, aniseed myrtle, strawberry gum leaf and lemon myrtle.
Roogenic is an Australian owned company, with all products manufactured locally. All ingredients are wild-harvested, organic or all-natural and there are no preservatives used. The brand proudly supports Indigenous growers and communities (58% of native ingredients).
Roogenic utilises 100% biodegradable tea packaging and 100% biodegradable and plastic-free tea bags. 95% of Roogenic products overall are plastic-free and the brand uses recyclable paper and biodegradable tape to protect their products. The biodegradable packaging and materials are sourced from Australian suppliers.
Roogenic supports Indigenous growers and communities, with 5% part-profits donated directly to these communities (in FY 2020-2021). With 58% of native ingredients being sourced from Indigenous communities, there have been $924,000 of bush foods purchased from Indigenous growers to date and $20,000+ worth of products donated to non-profits and Indigenous initiatives and communities.

What our experts say...


I just loved opening up this tea box, breathing in its fruity and floral aroma and scooping up the beautiful collection of petals, leaves and dried fruit. So many colours – it looked like spring sprung in my teapot! This is a very fruity tea containing a whole host of beautiful native ingredients blended with organic ingredients that support sleep and wellbeing. I really appreciate that native ingredients have been wild harvested and cultivated in line with first nations practices, and that efforts are made to give back to first nations communities. This is social responsibility at it’s finest. I also love that the packaging is 100% biodegradable.

–Emma Freeman


This rosey-pink coloured, naturopathically accredited blend has the most alluring sweet berry scent. The addition of freeze dried strawberry and strawberry gum leaf ensures the flavour matches the fragrance. What a wonderfully functional, warm drink the whole family can enjoy before bed. It is fantastic to see that this Australian brand supports local Indigenous communities and considers their environmental impact through ingredient selection and sustainable packaging options.

–Dominique Scott


I liked the effect of the tea – felt really relaxed after drinking it, and fell into sleep beautifully. A beautiful commitment to sustainability and plastic-free choices- love that. Also love the use of Aussie herbs and medicines, they can be so hard to access. Social choices are so solid, and this is a company I would (will) buy from, given who, and how, they support the community.

–Jade Woodd

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