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Rosa Temple – Galactic Star Oil


Gold + Editor's Choice
Formulated from excellent, non-toxic, mostly organic ingredients.
All Rosa Temples ingredients and packaging are ethically sourced from reputable companies and where possible from local family businesses. Specifically, they are handmade in small batches on Bundjalung country. The brand’s products are 100% natural and organic where possible. The focus of the ingredients is on their Energetics and Vibration, which includes considering how the key ingredients are made and who made them.
Rosa Temple’s 100% natural products are packaged in glass bottles to reduce plastics where possible. The brand has chosen to use glass balls on the roll-ons instead of plastic. They also provide a local refill option. All Rosa Temple’s marketing materials are eco friendly and printed locally in Byron Bay and all their postal packaging is biodegradable. The brand’s ingredients are purchased in bulk where possible to limit waste and shipping. Labels are made in Melbourne by pioneering sustainable company, Black Rainbow. This company carbon offsets the use of vinyl stickers by using solar panels, planting trees and other initiatives whilst the industry’s supply standards catch up.
The values of Rosa Temple are to support communities and educate people on the importance of connection to nature, our being a part of nature, and to eliminate synthetics in every part of our lives. The founders intentions are to provide training and education programs on more consciously working with allies in nature, sovereignty, body autonomy and vibrational medicines. Donations are regularly made from product sales to indigenous community causes and women-led projects, more specifically locally, but also globally. The brand also aims to encourage mentorship programs, creating change and support in every aspect of the community.

What our experts say...

I loved that although the smell wasn’t very strong when I first rolled it on, it became stronger as it warmed up on my skin. It soaked in quickly (no oily residue) as well. I like that the bottle and roller are both glass, and the fact the labels are produced sustainably. The brand’s local refill option is clever and I like the focus on local ingredients.

– Lucy E Cousins

The smell is certainly charged with incredible vibes and that is obvious from the moment you use it. Love the effect it has on my mood. Instantly transmuting. Great values, look forward to seeing some further initiatives come to fruition as this brand grows.

– Alena Turley

I first smelled this at an expo early this year and both my colleague and I were so taken by the sweet floral scent that we still remember that moment clearly. Feminine, uplifting and formulated to promote vibrancy and energetic clarity, this is a perfume I find myself reaching for regularly. Not overpowering in the slightest but with good staying power, it makes me feel strong and beautiful. Highly recommended.

– Emily Fletcher

I have found myself reaching for this divine perfume oil on most days, longing to apply it and draw my wrists to my face to inhale. The scent is sweet and joyful yet calming and comforting. My heart feels open when I wear it, it helps calm my nervous system at a time that has been particularly transitional and at times uncertain. I love this heartfelt business and its efforts to source ethically, reduce waste, and to give back to society by sharing wisdom and supporting communities.

– Emma Freeman

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