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Rosie & Joe’s – Hair Restore Oil


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes argan, jojoba and rosemary oils.
Rosie and Joe’s source their ingredients from an Australian wholesale supply company with cruelty free accreditation and multiple organic and biodegradable/compostable conformance certifications. The brand uses certified organic ingredients where possible and is 100% cruelty free, including product testing by suppliers and their own product testing.
Products are packaged in recyclable and reusable glass and compostable pouches. For dispatch they are packaged into recyclable, reusable and compostable cartons and mailers (zero plastic). Packaging materials are sourced from Australian suppliers and courier by a carbon neutral courier company. Furthermore they focus strongly on recycling & reusing within the business day to day and even compost onsite.
Rosie and Joe’s proudly supports Soul Cafe in our local area (care & support of the homeless in Newcastle). Furthermore they donate to AMCS (Aust Marine Conservation Society) for the protection of oceans & ocean wildlife and to Four Paws Australia (rescue & protection of animals in need). A percentage of the cost of every order dispatched goes toward environmental protection initiatives via the brands courier company.

What our experts say...


Oh my goodness, the scent was the first thing I couldn’t help but notice. I love that Rosie and Joe’s Hair restore oil comes in a handy travel size, easily slipped into my bag for holidays where I got to try it! This is another natural hair oil that I can’t get enough of because overall my hair felt super nourished from the argan, jojoba and rosemary oils. I love that Rose & Joe’s shares the same value of honesty as I do. They are very upfront and honest about all of their purchasing, sourcing, and operational decisions – Well Done!

–Petria Leggo-Field


This is a sweet little product that gives your hair a big hit of love and smells so good too. The brand supports the local community on a number of levels and has put real thought into making a product that is ethical and sustainable!

–Sarah Berry


The product has a nice texture! The brand clearly has a great community spirit and gives back to the local community a lot. I’m passionate about supporting grassroots communities helping those less fortunate so I love what Rosie and Joe’s stands for! The fact that they don’t use any plastics is great and can be hard to avoid in the hair and beauty industry.

–Samantha Chrisitian

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