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Rosie & Joe’s – Hair Restore Oil


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes argan, jojoba and rosemary oils.
Rosie & Joe’s use 100% botanical ingredients, of which over 80% is Certified Organic and all are cruelty-free. They try to source ingredients from Australian producers whenever possible and only purchase from like-minded, eco-sustainable businesses.
Products are bottled in reusable/recyclable glass and compostable pouches. Packaging consists of reusable, recyclable or compostable paper and cardboard and they deliver orders themselves or through Sendle.
Rosie & Joe’s support Soul Cafe in New Castle, a local organisation dedicated to supporting the less fortunate in their community with a particular focus on the homeless.

What our experts say...

I instantly loved the smell of the oil – the fresh citrus scent is very invigorating to the senses. Upon pumping the oil into my hands, I could tell how rich it was and it made for a beautiful scalp massage. As someone with blonde colour treated hair, it can often get dry but this oil replenished my locks and gave it a beautiful, healthy shine. I love that they are giving back to the community and helping the homeless – such a beautiful way to help others during hard times. I also like that they are small batch and sourcing ingredients from Australian producers as much as possible.

– Marisa Robinson

I loved the aroma and the simplicity of ingredients. No fluff and easy to know exactly what’s in the product. I think it’s great that Rose & Joe focus their efforts and give back to their local community.

–Courtney Dow

30 minutes of soaking in this heaven sent, incredible oil turns my daughter’s dry unruly curls once washed into soft, glossy, brushable ones. This oil was a game changer in our house – long corkscrew curls being brushed in the bath is now a breeze! Her hair actually absorbs all the nourishing goodness within minutes, so I just wash as normal rather than needing to wash any excess out. I’m a customer for life with this one, it’s incredible.

–Emily Fletcher

A really nice and thick oil to use!

–Paloma Garcia

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