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Rugabub – Play Mat


GOLD + Editor’s Choice

Rugabub’s multi-award winning soft foam play-mats are eco-friendly, sustainable and designed to keep babies safe. With intricate patterns, enduring quality and unique artistry, these mats stand out from the crowd. Made from materials that completely break down over time.

Made from eco-friendly & 100% biodegradable materials. Thermoplastic polyurethane and Polyurethane. PVC free.
Rugabub searched extensively to find a factory that satisfied their need for sustainable and ethically made products. After initially being drawn towards a Korean factory, they found that the PVC materials used were not as advertised and therefore sought out a Chinese factory that fully met all their requirements. Rugabub has a zero-waste policy and is committed to producing high-quality, non-toxic, and biodegradable products.
Rugabub products are made from 100% biodegradable materials, with low-profit margins to keep them affordable for parents. The brand delivers its products locally with used boxes to reduce waste. The brand offers designs that are timeless and minimalistic. Additionally, the brand is in the process of obtaining Carbon LCA Certification to reduce its carbon footprint and prioritise its sustainability efforts. Rugabub aims to make ethical and environmentally friendly choices to create a better world for future generations.
Rugabub, a small business run by a team of creatives and friends, believes in creating more connections in the world through community. They have created a group of women who support each other in their businesses and have donated play mats to hospitals, charities, and mum groups, including those affected by recent floods and fires. They also donate play mats to babies with leukaemia and ask customers if they would like to donate a mistakenly sent play mat to a local cause or charity. Rugabub also collects used boxes in their local community to re-use when shipping, creating community and getting to know their customers better.

Product reviews from our experts…


My husband and I love our home interior design and after investing our recent years into renovating the interior of our home it is refreshing to find the beautiful designs of Rugabub in a children’s playmat. The double sided designs conveniently suit different rooms of our home. Yet, my favourite part is the mat’s quality. I love that it is soft and therefore safe for falls, so easy to clean and that it is made from 100% biodegradable materials. It is a brilliant and much needed innovative playmat. I look forward to watching my child grow memories on this mat.

I am impressed to read the dedication of the 167 emails in order to ensure Rugabub partnered with the correct factory in their supply chain that meets their ethical demands. Finding the correct factory that shares a brand’s mission, values and ethics and growing a long term business partnership with that factory is key to a reliable and sustainable supply chain.

–Renee Anthony


Delightfully tasteful, this mat looks like a designer rug on our living room floor; it’s big, comes in a variety of lovely patterns (including a different one on the reverse side) and is really comfy to sit on. With a baby in the family, it’s important to have a soft floor for them as they learn to sit and walk – as well as for the adults supervising to be comfortable! The surface is easy to clean and wipeable which is so appreciated and makes it truly ‘child-friendly’. The texture is a good balance of grippy for hands and feet and slidey, for bubs to push around on. It’s been great for my 5 month old nephew’s development and movement. I love that it will continue to be relevant and used for years to come. Highly recommended!

–Emily Fletcher


I absolutely love knowing there are low-tox materials within the playmat. It is so soft and squishy and yet still allows the baby to move around on it. It is beautiful and soft and has become a lovely place to create memories. My daughter uses it to do gymnastics on and it’s great because it also dulls the noise down a little (compared to on the floor).

–Dee Zibara

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