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Sabbia Co. – Antioxidant Repair Oil


Gold + Editor's Choice
Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes blueberry seed and wheatgrass oils and organic seabuckthorn oil.
Sabbia Co. works with local companies to source raw ingredients and take a minimalistic, anti-waste approach to their formulations. They maintain strong open relationships with manufacturers, whose facilities are accredited with Australian Certified Organic and USA Organic certification on selected products and who offset carbon emissions with Greenfleet.
Recycled cardboard and reusable glass packaging is used and Sabbia Co. works with carbon-neutral freight companies for their deliveries. Sabbia Co. have a zero-waste office, make calculated orders to avoid creating ‘deadstock’ and are soon launching a refill program for skincare customers.
Sabbia Co. supports several eco-conscious brands and organisations such; Zero Co, Ekko World, Hero Packaging, Arnhem Clothing, Banish and 1% for the Planet. They also actively educate their online community by sharing upcycling / recycling tips, zero-waste recipes and waste-free guides.

What our experts say...

My new face oil obsession! This oil is a dream to use because it isn’t greasy and leaves my skin feeling hydrated, soft and smooth. I also have quite sensitive skin prone to redness and this oil seems to help calm and soothe my skin, which helps my complexion look more even. I also really love the packaging – it’s chic and adds to the enjoyment of using the product. I was so thrilled to hear about Sabbia Co’s refill program! I wish more brands offered this. It’s also clear from their choice of packaging that minimising environmental impact is very important to them. I also love their philosophy behind using minimal ingredients.

– Ash Quinn

This unique blend of oils is exceptionally calming and balancing on the skin. It softened and soothed redness expertly and skin was left restored and strengthened. So many impressive programs and policies in place for such a young brand! I really applaud your passion to educate and inspire, and the notion of less being more really resonates with me. Facilitating a refill program is surely an arduous task logistically, so congratulations on seeing it through. Impressive.

–Amy Starr

This incredible oil has a unique softness about it which transfers to my skin as soon as they make contact. Well absorbed, my skin feels smooth, baby-soft, hydrated and super nourished with no residual oily-ness at all. It is so intriguing and noteworthy, you will find yourself obsessed for good reason. I also love how Sabbia Co is introducing the ability to purchase refills so as to keep reusing bottles. An absolute stand out and highly recommended.

–Emily Fletcher

My skin adores this lightweight, yet hydrating, facial oil. Unlike some heavier facial oils, I can apply this underneath makeup in the mornings for a wonderful moisture boost. A perfect, gentle facial oil packed with antioxidants. Suitable for any season. I really appreciate the amazing efforts Sabbia Co go to be sustainable and to educate their consumers to upcycle and reuse their packaging.

–Emma Freeman

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