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Sabbia Co – Face It Face Kit


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. Sponge: Made from 100% Konjac root and charcoal bamboo. Cotton Pad: 100% cotton. Makeup Removal Pad: cotton and bamboo fiber blend. Face Brush: wooden handle with recycled synthetic bristles.
Sabbia Co. works with local companies to source raw ingredients and take a minimalistic, anti-waste approach to their formulations. They maintain strong open relationships with manufacturers, whose facilities are accredited with Australian Certified Organic and USA Organic certification on selected products and who offset carbon emissions with Greenfleet.
Recycled cardboard and reusable glass packaging is used and Sabbia Co. works with carbon-neutral freight companies for their deliveries. Sabbia Co. have a zero-waste office, make calculated orders to avoid creating ‘deadstock’ and are soon launching a refill program for skincare customers.
Sabbia Co. supports several eco-conscious brands and organisations such; Zero Co, Ekko World, Hero Packaging, Arnhem Clothing, Banish and 1% for the Planet. They also actively educate their online community by sharing upcycling / recycling tips, zero-waste recipes and waste-free guides.

What our experts say...

I love not only the product but the potential it has for shifting consumers into a reusable mindset! Sabbia has done so well in creating products from natural fibres that can be composted, partnering with Terracycle for their other products and using carbon neutral freight.

– Jacqui Scruby

This is a beautiful self care kit which has introduced me to so many things I’d not used before – most notably a charcoal konjac sponge for cleansing. It is so gentle and yet softly exfoliates and increases circulation, thoroughly cleansing my face even without added cleanser. I’d also never used a makeup removing sponge and I can’t imagine ever going back for days when I’m removing sunscreen particularly. The headband is beautiful and so useful too when doing an oil cleanse and not wanting to get any in my hair. A gorgeous kit which is super practical and will be used regularly.

–Emily Fletcher

I like how many products are included in the kit and the variety of uses for them. I also like that the products can be returned to the company to be recycled.

–Lille Madden

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