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Sacred Earth Medicine – Ceremonial Cacao – 400g



Sacred Earth Medicine offers Ceremonial Cacao, made from pure, organic, whole bean, heirloom criollo nativo cacao from Peru. It is the highest grade, highest vibration, energy intense cacao available, without any additives. Simply ground whole beans, maintaining their natural qualities.

Made from excellent organic ingredients. 100% Organic, ethically, sustainably and biodynamically sourced Whole Bean Criollo Cacao Paste.
Sacred Earth Medicine Ceremonial Cacao is produced from chuncho nativo criollo cacao, smaller beans rejected by many co-ops due to their lower crop yield. Sacred Earth pays their farmers more than four times the commodity market price, ensuring an abundance for everyone and enabling farmers to purchase new land and build production facilities for over 15 community farms. The farmers are also educating others in their superior farming methods, raising the level of cacao farming and production in the area to a new level. No children are hired to harvest or produce cacao and external workers are paid at or above market rates.
Sacred Earth's farmers use natural and sustainable farming methods to grow high-quality cacao beans, such as biodynamic farming to shape the trees for easier harvesting, symbiotic relationships with ants to control pests, and the use of legumes to provide compost for new trees. They also implement syntropic farming to regenerate the ecosystem by bringing in various animals and insects, improving compost and soil quality, increasing food production for farm income and enhancing the flavour of the cacao by growing other fruits and vegetables nearby. The brand is working towards using 100% compostable packaging for its products.
Sacred Earth pays four times the commodity market price for their cacao to support their farmers in building and extending production facilities, implementing sustainable farming methods and to fund the switch to a syntropic farming model in the next 5+ years. Additionally, the brand contributes a percentage of each order via Shopify Planet to support projects globally that provide a more sustainable human existence, and uses compostable and recyclable materials for almost every part of their packaging and pack/send processes.

Product reviews from our experts…


The taste was smooth, creamy and delicious. I found it easy to use and was able to break off the cacao into pieces desired for a hot warming drink. I love the information that was given with different dosage instructions.

I’m also impressed that it is 100% pure organic cacao from Peru with nothing added to the cacao. I love the ritual and cultural uses for the cacao. The commitment to the earth is excellent and that they are constantly trying to improve this and are transparent about it is also to be commended.

–Katherine Hay


This cacao felt special. It was deliciously satisfying on a whole body level. I love that they pay their farmers in abundance and use a crop that is otherwise rejected by other co-ops. Getting that big beautiful slab felt very raw and earthy.

–Dee Zibara


It felt so empowering and ceremonial using this cacao. This is like a sacred ritual consuming the drink- very special. Sustainable and biodynamic farming is also great, especially how they take care of the farmers financially.

–Eljay Esson

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