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Sacred Earth Medicine – Ceremonial Cacao


Made from excellent organic ingredients. 100% Organic, ethically, sustainably and biodynamically sourced Whole Bean Criollo Cacao Paste.
Sacred Earth Medicine purchases only the highest quality, highest vibration chuncho (native to the region that it is grown in) criollo cacao. The brand purchases the cacao for at least 4 times the market price, allowing the farmers to set the cacao price and ensure their families and community are supported. All products are produced in Peru.
Sacred Earth Medicine utilises biodynamic farming practices, where all by-products of production are put back into the farming process. The brand endeavours to package their products sustainably, while ensuring quality and freshness, with the outer packaging being recyclable cardboard. Shipping packaging includes a bubble wrap alternative made from paper, in a 100% home compostable bag with compostable sticky tape to affix the paper shipping label. The brand attempts to offset their carbon footprint by giving a percentage of each order to some of the most revolutionary carbon offset projects in the world.
The brand is in the beginning stages of donating to the TreeSisters organisation - a UK based initiative for reforestation in countries such as Brazil, Borneo, Cameroon, India, Kenya, Mozambique, Madagascar, Nepal and West Papua. Later this year Sacred Earth Medicine is also launching a campaign to build the Sacred Earth Medicine forest.

What our experts say...


Upon opening the beautifully decorated packaging you are presented with what looks like a solid gold bar, which is appropriate in light of Cacao being revered more than gold in Ancient times. The bar grates into a rich, chocolatey scented powder that easily melts into a heavenly ceremonial syrup on contact with hot water. The addition of warm milk, maple and cinnamon creates a delicious elixir and provides a precious moment of self-love. I admire that this brand utilises small cacao beans that are overlooked by cartels and supports biodynamic farming practices as well as the farmers and their families who grow the cacao out of love for the bean.

–Dominique Scott


It was so nice to sit down and read all the detailed info on how to use this product and what ceremonial cacao is all about. The cacao was so gorgeous and shiny, and as a ceremonial cacao lover I truly enjoyed this product. Smooth, delicious and powerful. I loved the wonderful list of each and every item and how to dispose of it the best way possible, plus the brand’s use of compostable bubble wrap and mailing bags. It is so nice to have a clear place of origin that is also regional, as this is so important when sourcing ethical cacao. I loved learning a little about the biodynamic practices and methods to reduce harm to the planet and the way the brand does business is to allow the locals to set their own prices. Thank you for paying the farmers what they should be paid – wonderful news.

–Jade Woodd


I love the purity in taste and that you can actually taste the high quality cacao used. The natural bitterness of the cacao allows the beautiful true chocolate flavour to shine through. It makes the absolute BEST hot chocolate! It’s amazing to hear they pay their farmers at least 4 times the market price for cacao. I love what the brand stands for and that they use biodynamic farming practices and truly care about the community they purchase their cacao from.

–Caitlin Rule

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