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Saf organics – Naked Balance Shampoo


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes argan, rosemary, lavender and frankincense oils.
Saf Organics products are made in Australia using non-gmo, certified organic ingredients. The brand is proudly Australian owned and they ethically source ingredients while not using any animal products.
The company uses cardboard boxes with paper tape and recycles boxes we received from their manufacturer. Furthermore corn based packing peanuts are used which are biodegradable.
Saf Organics proudly supports the One Tree Planted movement.

What our experts say...


I found this shampoo really gentle, fragrant and soft on my hair. The fragrance is understated but delicious. I love that this is an Australian made, 100% natural product with a strong focus on high-quality, non-toxic ingredients!

–Niccii Kugler


I loved that Saf Organics Naked Balance Shampoo had such a nice refreshing scent and is full of so many beautiful ingredients that my hair loved! I found that it had satisfying suds, a light scent and didn’t strip my hair. I was glad that I could allow this shampoo to also be used by my kids. I love that they source 100% Australian made ingredients, this is a perfect example of how to keep the supply chain small, and close to home. Purchasing Australian made products is an important value of mine!

–Petria Leggo- Field


This is a lovely product. The packaging is simple and elegant, I love the scent and it lathers well. It’s great that this brand is part of the one tree planted movement and I love how much they have considered the packaging (paper tape and corn peanut box filling) to align with their values!

–Sarah Berry

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