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Saf organics – Original Organic Deodorant


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic, mostly organic ingredients. Includes organic shea butter and coconut oil with tea tree, peppermint and wild orange essential oils.
Saf Organics products are made in Australia using non-gmo, certified organic ingredients. The brand is proudly Australian owned and they ethically source ingredients while not using any animal products.
The company uses cardboard boxes with paper tape and recycles boxes we received from their manufacturer. Furthermore corn based packing peanuts are used which are biodegradable.
Saf Organics proudly supports the One Tree Planted movement.

What our experts say...


The scent is pleasing and the texture is a great medium between hard enough to sustain usage but soft enough to apply without drag. I like the scent combination of essential oils. It is also good to see that this product is made of mostly organic ingredients! The container is easy to hold and not too heavy. One Tree Planted is a fantastic initiative and to be commended!

–Alena Turley


This deodorant works really well, I love the fact it also detoxes my skin, that’s amazing. I really like the fact it’s a rollon and is easily used. The deodorant itself is creamy, but not greasy and it’s easy to apply. I really like that this is 100% vegan, and that it’s not made from any toxic ingredients. And I love that it’s all Australian made and packaged. The packaging is also recyclable, which is a huge plus!

–Lucy Cousins


The packaging is a lot closer to non conscious deodorants on the market such as a roll on with a lid, so it’s a great option for people who still need to make the leap to cardboard or tin packaging! The smell is highly original (I don’t think I’ve ever thought of combining mint, tea tree and orange) and it works nicely. It ticks the boxes of being clean and conscious!

–Ria Andriani

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