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Sagely Gifts – Sagely Furoshiki Gift Wrapping


Made from excellent, non-toxic materials. Recycled cotton/linen fabric. Cotton trim and stitching.
Sagely Gifts sources their materials from recycled textiles where possible - cotton and linen only. Product trims and stitching are 100% cotton and all materials are biodegradable. Furthermore they are manufactured locally in Brisbane, Australia and the brand provides flexible work opportunities for people working from home.
Sagely Gifts has designed beautiful reusable gift wrapping, reducing the need for single use wrap and working towards zero waste. Products are made from natural fibres and from mainly recycled fabrics. Furthermore, products are manufactured locally in one suburb, reducing transportation needs and therefore the brand's carbon footprint.
Sagely Gift products are made locally and the brand encourages local community members to recycle their preloved fabrics for reuse.

What our experts say...


Sagely gifts have created an innovative, fun and clever reusable wrapping solution. I really liked that it was a gift in itself for the receiver. The fabric was really lovely quality in great colours. I found it to be flexible for all sorts of different gift ideas. Locally made and clever to use recycled fabrics from unwanted clothes – solving all sorts of environmental challenges in one product

–Corrine Sultana


This cleverly designed, avant-garde gift wrapping is pure genius. Not only has the reusable fabric wrapping provided a new life for an old clothing garment, it is also simple to use and looks positively exquisite. I love that Sagely Gifts are providing a solution to the devastating problem of single use gift wrapping, which accounts for approximately 8000 tonnes of waste in Australia each year. The brand also utilises recycled cotton and linen materials where possible, which would undoubtedly end up in landfill otherwise.

–Dominique Scott


I liked the idea of using fabric to wrap a gift. I didn’t have a friend have a birthday but I do know whose gift I will wrap when the time comes. I also like that the product can be gifted and then re-gifted and re-gifted. I like the idea of reusing the wrap over and over again and the fact that the products themselves are made out of recycled fabrics is also a big positive.

–Samantha Christian

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