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saide. – medium tan ceramic candle – lemon myrtle


Formulated from excellent non-toxic ingredients. Soy wax and essential oils.
Saide works exclusively with Australian artists and potters to develop unique ranges ensuring sustainable and ethical practices are a foundation from design to completion, supporting each other and the local creative community. Ceramics are handmade by a local small business potter in Melbourne. The use of local ethical Australian natural essential oils, soy wax and wicks occurs wherever possible. Several products offer refills and the brand is working towards entire ranges being able to utilize their refill program.
The ceramic candle vessels are designed to be re-used as a coffee or tea cup so nothing goes to waste or landfill. Cotton wicks are lead free and 100% plant-based soy wax and natural essential oils are used to ensure safe, sustainable enjoyment. All candles come in reusable calico drawstring bags. Postal packaging is completely recyclable and compostable. Saide studio also practices sustainability through practical applications wherever possible. Furthermore, they promote sustainability to customers via social media with all reused items such as empty candle vessels and calico bags being reposted.
Saide puts a huge focus on sustainability. Customers are encouraged to reuse their products in clever ways through our website, social media posts and stories. Time is also spent educating with posts such as the soft plastic recycling program and how they can do their bit to reduce waste into landfill. Furthermore Saide shows support and promotes movements such as Earth Day and supports their local community through donations where possible.

What our experts say...


I love that this candle is housed in a beautiful ceramic cup (which I’ll sip tea from once the candle is done!) I really appreciated the beautiful zero waste packaging that it arrived with. Containing just one essential oil – Lemon Myrtle – this grounding, cleansing, native Australian scent fills the space beautifully. I appreciate that this candle is designed to be repurposed and that efforts are made to support and collaborate with local artists and to source locally and ethically.

–Emma Freeman


I loved the ceramic vessel that this candle was in and even more enjoyed repurposing the empty vessel into my work tea cup. I received so many compliments for my new teacup at work. In addition the candle scent was beautiful.
I really enjoy that Saide works exclusively with Australian artists. This is showcased beautifully in their ceramic candle vessel. In addition it is impressive to read about Saide’s communication with customers focused around recycling and repurposing initiatives. Their social responsibility statement sends a beautiful and artistic message around their love for the community and planet.

–Renee Carpenter


This natural candle is set in the most gorgeous, earthy coloured ceramic cup that can be later repurposed to hold your morning lattes. The gentle flame is accompanied by an authentic lemon myrtle fragrance, bringing life to the room it is positioned in. I love that Saide. supports local and ethical Australian suppliers for their oils, soy wax and wicks. Wonderfully, the brand is also working towards setting up a refill program for their entire range.

–Dominique Scott

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