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Sanctum – Men’s Shampoo & Wash



This soap-free shampoo and wash is infused with hydrating, protective and regenerative properties. It effectively soothes and conditions the hair, scalp and body. With a pleasant woody scent, it can be used daily, lathering up with water for a gentle cleansing experience.

Formulated with excellent clean, mostly organic ingredients including Certified organic olive leaf extract and cedarwood bark oil.
Sanctum is a skincare range that is socially, sustainably and environmentally focused. The brand carefully obtains ingredients from sustainable sources and supports local suppliers and farms wherever possible, reducing transport emissions and contributing to the local economy. The brand is committed to eliminating the risks of modern slavery and does not condone child or forced labour in any of its operations or supply chains. The brand is also accredited by Choose Cruelty Free and The UK Vegan Society, and takes a stand against animal testing. Sanctum is manufactured in Northern NSW, Australia, by sister company Cawarra Cosmetics, which allows full visibility and control over the integrity of production.
Sanctum aims to reduce the usage of chemicals and pesticides in the environment as part of its commitment to Certified Organic skincare. The brand's factories and machines are primarily powered by solar energy and its skincare tubes contain an enzyme that helps them biodegrade. Sanctum has partnered with the Resea Project's Ocean Waste Plastic initiative and offsets each skincare bottle sold with waste recovered from waterways. The brand uses recycled paper products and packaging and offers them to local schools and daycare centres to serve another purpose and its packing fill is made from cornstarch, leaving no harmful residue.
Sanctum is committed to ocean protection and restoration through large-scale and local ocean waste cleanups, regular donations to support waterways such as the Great Barrier Reef, and using Certified Organic and toxin-free ingredients in their products. The brand also engages in charitable efforts by regularly gifting products to communities in need, such as those affected by floods in Northern Rivers and wildfires in 2019/2020.

Product reviews from our experts…


I wouldn’t be the first bloke to enjoy having to use less products in the shower! It was nice to use at home, but I also took it with me to go camping and take less products away, which was a win.

It’s hard to juggle sustainability with making new products, packaging them and getting them out to market, but I am impressed with the efforts they are going to, to try and mitigate the impacts of their production. Vegan friendly products are also a nice way to be more inclusive with their offerings.

–Josh Reid Jones


This multi-purpose hair and body wash has an enticing, woody, grounding scent. It lathers up beautifully between the hands and works to hydrate and cleanse at the same time.

I’m very impressed by Sanctum’s commitment to sourcing ingredients locally, ethically and without pesticides. I’m also impressed by their commitment to reducing plastic pollution.

–Emma Freeman


I liked that it’s a multipurpose product that is easy to carry around. I also like the brand’s commitment to ocean protection.

–Arjun Sudhir

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