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Sanctum – Tone & Refresh Mist



This rose-inspired mist is designed to firm, tone, and hydrate the skin. It contains Certified Organic Witch Hazel Extract to soften and revitalize tired skin, along with Cucumber and Aloe Vera Leaf Juice for soothing effects. Apply as a natural toner by misting and pressing onto the face.

Formulated with excellent clean, 96.14% Certified organic ingredients, including witch hazel rose, white oak and thyme extracts.
Sanctum produces a safe skincare range that considers the soil, waterways, farmers, and makers. Its products are made in Northern NSW, Australia, by sister company Cawarra Cosmetics, which ensures that the production has full visibility and control over integrity. Sanctum supports local suppliers and farms wherever possible and obtains its ingredients from sustainable sources, reducing transport emissions and contributing to the local economy. The brand is committed to eliminating the risks of Modern Slavery and does not condone any form of unacceptable treatment of workers. Additionally, Sanctum is accredited by Choose Cruelty Free, The UK Vegan Society and stands against animal testing.
Sanctum is a Certified Organic skincare brand that is committed to reducing the use of chemicals and pesticides in both skincare and the environment. The brand uses sustainable production practices, with their factories and machines largely run on solar power, and packaging solutions that are biodegradable and recycled. Sanctum is also involved in partnerships with organizations such as the ReSea Project to reduce plastic pollution and promote sustainability. The brand balances safety, effectiveness, and sustainability in its skincare products, utilizing rPET plastic and repurposing materials to reduce its footprint. Sanctum has been recognized as a member and award winner of the NSW Sustainability Program.
Sanctum has a strong focus on ocean protection and restoration. They support ocean waste cleanups, make regular donations to help protect and restore waterways and their entire product range is Certified Organic and free from harmful toxins. They also regularly gift products to charities and communities in need. An example of their charity work includes providing skincare products to flood victims in Northern Rivers in January 2022 and those affected and displaced during the Black Summer fires in 2019/2020.

Product reviews from our experts…


I absolutely love the use of aloe vera in products for hydrating properties. I can definitely feel that property when applied on skin. My face felt lifted and glowy. I also like their strong commitment to protecting the ocean demonstrated through supporting different charity organisations and movements.

–Catherine Jia


This refreshing tonic contains a symphony of wonderful natural ingredients that prime and hydrate the skin straight after cleansing. The misting mechanism thoroughly hydrates the face, without drenching it. I’m very impressed by Sanctum’s commitment to sourcing ingredients locally, ethically and without pesticides. I’m also impressed by their commitment to reducing plastic pollution.

–Emma Freeman


Sanctum’s rose scented toner lets off an impressive fine spray of organic goodness for the skin with each pump. I love the addition of the anti-inflammatory herb witch hazel and that this product can be used as a refresh mist throughout the day, as my skin often starts to feel dry in the afternoon.

I am also impressed by Sanctum’s commitment to sustainability, such as through their factories and machines largely running on solar power and their partnership with organizations such as the ReSea Project to help reduce plastic pollution.

–Dominique Scott

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