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Sanctum – Zinc Nappy Cream



Introducing a chemical-free cream containing the essential mineral Zinc, designed to calm inflamed skin and aid in the healing of nappy rash. With antiseptic and astringent properties, it effectively locks in hydration and moisture using 100% natural ingredients.

Formulated from excellent, non-toxic, mostly organic ingredients. Includes zinc oxide, Certified organic aloe vera, coconut oil and lavender.
Sanctum is a skincare range that is socially, sustainably and environmentally focused. The brand is manufactured in Northern NSW, Australia by sister company Cawarra Cosmetics, which ensures full visibility and control over production. The brand supports local suppliers and farms and carefully sources ingredients from sustainable sources, contributing to the local economy and reducing transport emissions. Sanctum is committed to eliminating Modern Slavery risks and acting ethically in all business dealings. The brand is accredited by Choose Cruelty Free and The UK Vegan Society.
Sanctum prioritises sustainability by reducing the use of chemicals and pesticides in their products and treading lightly on the environment. They use solar power in their factories and machines, biodegradable packaging solutions with an enzyme that helps them break down in landfill, offset plastic pollution by partnering with the ReSea Project and recycle paper products and packaging. Sanctum also reuses and repurposes products in their warehouse and production to reduce their footprint wherever possible. Their commitment to sustainability has been recognized as members and award winners of the NSW Sustainability Program.
Sanctum has a strong focus on championing ocean protection and restoration by actively seeking ways to support the health of the oceans. They do this through ocean waste cleanups, donating regularly to help protect and restore waterways and making their entire range Certified Organic and free from harmful toxins. They also gift their products to charities and communities in times of need, such as supporting flood victims in their own backyard in January 2022 and those affected by the fires of the Black Summer in 2019/2020.

Product reviews from our experts…


I was impressed by the choice of ingredients used to make this nappy cream. The choice to use zinc was different in a positive way. I loved the way the zinc applied and absorbed into my baby’s skin and was even more impressed by learning about zinc’s excellent antiseptic and hydration qualities. In addition, I loved the touch of lavender. This added a beautiful floral scent to the product.

Sanctum did an excellent all round job covering a broad range of key ethical business objectives that I look for in an ethical business. This includes the organic certifications, commitment to eliminate Modern Slavery, accreditations that provide the consumer confidence the product is free from animal cruelty, solar panels, recycling initiatives, partnership with the ReSea Project to offset plastic pollution and support for local charities and communities. Well done Sanctum for covering social responsibility from a broad range of avenues.

–Renee Anthony


I love how easily I was able to spread this cream. It also has great coverage and stayed on for quite a while. My baby’s rash was also cleared after the first application.

I love how sustainable the company is. It seems that they are very conscious in every aspect of the business. I also appreciate the donations, especially to those affected by the fires as this directly impacted my own family.

–Claire Karlson


I love that it is simple but effective. It stays on as a barrier cream and doesn’t absorb, giving you hours of protection.

I also think they are impressive because they are ACO COSMOS certified and that they use solar power in their facilities is also a great environmental factor. Furthermore their love for the ocean and bringing support and awareness to restoring our waterways and protecting the ocean is impressive as well.

–Sharnnah Baker

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