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Saya – Cleansing Gel


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes Kakadu plum, marshmallow, chamomile and aloe vera.
Saya products are manufactured locally in Australia. The native ingredients they use and hero within their formulations are grown and harvested from small farms across Australia. These farms provide vital employment in low socio-economic areas, as well as harvesting jobs for people with disabilities. Formulations are Vegan, Cruelty-Free and they are a palm-oil & mica free brand.
Saya formulations are clean, they define this as cruelty-free formations with a botanical base, free from potentially harmful ingredients. All Saya® products are manufactured by a GMP certified manufacturer, just an hour down the road from HQ. PCR Plastic, sugar-cane derived plastic and glass is utilized for packaging, along with FSC certified cardboard for secondary packaging. Soon the entire body range will be 100% Recyclable. Shipping boxes and packing honeycomb are made with recycled materials and in the office sustainable practices are followed wherever possible. Saya has committed to becoming 100% Plastic Neutral by 2027 with the Waste Revolution organisation. Native ingredients used are sourced sustainably from farms around Australia.
Saya actively chooses to support charities that align with their three brand values: Women, Environment and Sustainability and Diversity and Inclusivity. This year the Malala Fund was supported. Saya donated 10% of every sale during March to the Malala Fund (an international not for profit, that advocates for girls' education). Furthermore they have supported the Orangutan Project for the last 7 years.

What our experts say...


A skin soothing and softening cleanser that is an absolute treat for the skin. I love the efficacy of this cleanser, a little goes a long way and it gives the skin a thorough cleanse. This product is fantastic and a must for oily skin. I love the brand’s commitment to plant based, Australian ingredients and sustainability.

–Shahrzad Kahrobai


The very first time I opened the lid of this marshmellow and chamomile cleanser, several tiny bubbles escaped the tube and floated away. The clear, bubbly gel has a soft fruity fragrance and effortlessly glides across your skin thanks to the aloe base. I love the deep, purifying clean this product provides, while still leaving your face feeling hydrated and balanced. Saya is entirely Australian-made and owned. It is inspiring to learn that they source their hero products from small farms that provide employment in low socio-economic areas and for people with disabilities.

–Dominique Scott


I was immediately impressed by the product for its sleek, stylish packaging. It gave my skin a thorough clean, without disrupting its pH too harshly; my skin wasn’t completely stripped of its natural oils, and was a top pick for me as a result. I’m super proud of this brand for their unique strategy in supporting workers with disabilities – what an awesome initiative! I’m also so excited to hear the brand is to work with Waste Revolution, whose work is instrumental to making plastic neutral beauty happen in Australia.

–Hannah Gay

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