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Saya – Renew Serum


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes organic argan and hemp seed oils, Kakadu plum and bakuchiol.
Saya products are manufactured locally in Australia. The native ingredients they use and hero within their formulations are grown and harvested from small farms across Australia. These farms provide vital employment in low socio-economic areas, as well as harvesting jobs for people with disabilities. Formulations are Vegan, Cruelty-Free and they are a palm-oil & mica free brand.
Saya formulations are clean, they define this as cruelty-free formations with a botanical base, free from potentially harmful ingredients. All Saya® products are manufactured by a GMP certified manufacturer, just an hour down the road from HQ. PCR Plastic, sugar-cane derived plastic and glass is utilized for packaging, along with FSC certified cardboard for secondary packaging. Soon the entire body range will be 100% Recyclable. Shipping boxes and packing honeycomb are made with recycled materials and in the office sustainable practices are followed wherever possible. Saya has committed to becoming 100% Plastic Neutral by 2027 with the Waste Revolution organisation. Native ingredients used are sourced sustainably from farms around Australia.
Saya actively chooses to support charities that align with their three brand values: Women, Environment and Sustainability and Diversity and Inclusivity. This year the Malala Fund was supported. Saya donated 10% of every sale during March to the Malala Fund (an international not for profit, that advocates for girls' education). Furthermore they have supported the Orangutan Project for the last 7 years.

What our experts say...


I absolutely love this serum, my favourite of all that I have tested. The results overnight were obvious in; instant-hydration and plumping. I am a big fan of bakuchiol – the absorbency is great! I also love that they are vegan, palm oil free and that they support the orangutans.

–Carla King-Turner


In the prettiest little bottle the violet hue catches the light beautifully and looks chic on any vanity. And what’s inside does not disappoint, organic argan and hemp seed oils, bakuchiol and kakadu plum! This packs a punch in the vitamin C stakes which is exactly how I like to start my day. Fresh and uplifting, I also really enjoyed this as a pre bed self-love ritual with some self massage or under makeup for a dewy glow. I am happy to support a company like Saya who are doing all the right things in social responsibility.

–Amy Hughes


A uniquely inviting bottle with pink and gold hues. If I could design the perfect texture for an oil-based serum, this would be it! It feels rich and nourishing as soon as it touches the skin, but absorbs quickly, leaving the skin hydrated and supple without any oil residue. The botanical scent is intoxicating and instantly relaxes the senses, whilst the complexion looks hydrated and fresh. I love the choice of powerhouse ingredients including Bakuchiol for anti-ageing benefits and Kakadu Plum for Vitamin C, both of which leave the skin brightened and toned. Educating young women and contributing to the safety and rehabilitation of orangutans are both great focus points. The brands care and respect for Australian history, land, and local ingredients is lovely to see and of course, the fact that they are vegan, cruelty-free and conscious while being plastic-free is also commendable!

–Neha Hobson

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