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Saya Skincare – Balance Moisture



Saya’s Balance Moisture is a lightweight moisturiser with Hyaluronic Acid, Argan Oil, and Kakadu Plum. It nourishes and hydrates the skin, maintaining a healthy skin barrier and evening out the complexion for a bright appearance.

Formulated with excellent clean, mostly organic ingredients.
Saya Skincare manufactures its entire product range locally and uses native ingredients grown and harvested by local farmers, providing vital employment and economic opportunities. All formulations are vegan, cruelty-free and palm oil plus mica-free to reduce environmental and social impact. The brand focuses on social responsibility and works with charities and non-profit organizations to create a positive impact in local communities.
Saya Skincare has committed to a soft-plastic free range, with its full range now made up of 50% PCR Plastic, bioplastic and glass, with screen printed labelling. The brand uses FSC-certified cardboard for product packaging and shipping boxes and has a composting system to handle food waste. The brand is 100% Australian-made, supporting the local economy and reducing transportation emissions. All suppliers and manufacturing partners must comply with strict sustainability standards. The brand is ACO-certified, ensuring its products are safe for the environment and free from harmful chemicals while promoting sustainable farming practices. Saya Skincare does not offer unsustainable gift with purchases or include samples in every order due to waste. Customers can request samples if desired.
Saya Skincare has a 'Saya Woman' Series every quarter that highlights female entrepreneurs in their community and provides a platform for them to share their stories and successes. They also donate to charities during sale periods and have supported Lilyhouse, a charity assisting pregnant women, domestic violence survivors, and homeless women. Saya Skincare has been sponsoring orangutans for the past 8 years through their partnership with the Orangutan Project, helping to protect their natural habitats and promote conservation efforts.

Product reviews from our experts…


The scent of this soothing moisturiser made it a real delight to use. It is lightweight but gives skin great hydration, as well as an immediate sensation of calming and quieting the skin. It’s a perfect texture for combination skin.

Local provenance is commendable, as is transparency about the how, what and where of manufacture. These policies are wonderfully well-rounded and demonstrate an authentic commitment to positive change.

–Amy Starr


This was such a beautiful light weight moisturiser with beautiful presentation on arrival. I also loved the sustainable packaging and they have all areas covered. I really love the SAYA WOMEN aspect of this brand.

–Natalie Sellars


Amazing texture and I love how it sinks into the skin without any residue. I was also impressed by the brand’s initiatives to help women.

–Arjun Sudhir

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