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SeaQuo – Immune



SeaQuo® Immune, a premium oral supplement, is made from organic Tasmanian seaweed. It utilizes sustainably hand-harvested Undaria seaweed combined with vitamin C and zinc. This formulation aims to boost the immune system, improve gut health and enhance skin health.

Made from excellent ingredients.
SeaQuo manufactures its products in Australia in compliance with TGA regulations and approvals without outsourcing any aspects of its supply chain. Its ingredients, including Undaria seaweed, are ethically sourced using certified organic practices and its production process ensures proper and fair remuneration for everyone involved in all stages, including logistics and point of sale. The brand was founded by a mother and daughter with an all-women team prioritizing flexible work arrangements for employees and contractors. Seaquo products are made from high-quality, all-Australian, 100% safe ingredients and are vegan and gluten-free without artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives.
SeaQuo is committed to preserving the environment by utilizing recyclable packaging materials and sourcing sustainably harvested Tasmanian Undaria seaweed using certified organic practices. The supplier harvests Undaria seaweed in line with the world's best practices from the pure waters of the east coast of Tasmania and the seaweed spores are then dried and milled using certified organic practices. SeaQuo aims to achieve fully sustainable packaging within 18 months.
SeaQuo is a Tasmanian company that prioritises its local community and offers discounts to Tasmanian residents. The hand harvesting and processing of seaweed provides employment opportunities in regional and disadvantaged communities. Research shows that fucoidan, a compound found in seaweed, has benefits in treating cancer and reducing cancer cells. SeaQuo regularly donates its products to those experiencing financial hardship due to cancer and is working on creating a new fucoidan product specifically targeting cancer and other significant medical conditions, with plans to donate a portion of profits to further research on fucoidan's positive benefits.

Product reviews from our experts…


This immune boosting supplement is beautifully simple in its composition, made up primarily of wild-grown and sustainably hand-harvested, organic Tasmanian Undaria seaweed. The daily capsules also include two other immune supporting ingredients: Zinc and Vitamin C. Considering the benefits seaweed is thought to have on overall health, I plan on taking this supplement all year round!

I also love that SeqQuo is a mother and daughter founded brand made up of an all-women team. Importantly, they encourage a work life balance through prioritizing flexible work arrangements for employees and contractors.

–Dominique Scott


I love the composition of seaweed powder with super c and zinc! Not only good for immunity but also for the skin – perfect for winter! I also appreciate their high quality and sustainable ingredients and their use of recyclable materials gets a big tick.

–Fiona Noonan


I love the simplicity of the ingredients. I found the logo and picture really cute and moody, so it got my attention straight away.

–Lucia Rivas-Herry

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