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Second Earth – 2E ‘Align’ Organic Cotton Yoga Strap


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. 100% organic cotton.
Second Earth has been working with their manufacturing partner, located in South East Asia, for 6 years. The factory operates under ethical work conditions meaning the conditions are safe, healthy and appropriate regulations are in place to protect the workers. The brand's manufacturing partner has arrangements in place with sustainably and ethically managed farms where they source raw materials from. Furthermore their manufacturing partner is committed to people and planet friendly operations and has relevant ISO accreditations in place. The organic cotton for the 2E ‘Align’ Strap comes from natural seeds and is entirely handpicked.
Second Earth strives to have minimal environmental impact at every stage of the product life cycle. Every single product is made with ethically and sustainably farmed raw materials. All Second Earth products are submitted annually to undergo appropriate REACH testing. The brand has a zero plastics policy in all of their products and packaging. Everything produced is biodegradable and safe for the planet. Furthermore their shipping is 100% carbon neutral. The use of organic cotton is key to protecting the environment by using less water and reducing waste and removing toxic chemicals and processes.
Annually Second Earth donates products to various charities for their fundraising events. Some of the organisations supported to date include: Precious Wings, Cancer Council, Starlight Children’s Foundation, African Cat Project and the BE Centre Foundation. Furthermore products were also donated in Northern NSW to aid those badly affected by the floods earlier this year. In the last 12 months they have also gifted mats to the AFL Cape York House for Girls who run programs and classes to help Indigenous children. The brand also enjoys helping the yoga studio community wherever possible and often gift products to support various events like open days and fundraisers.

What our experts say...


This is a wonderfully sturdy yoga strap with a buckle to assist with going deeper into poses. I love that it’s been made using 100% organic cotton and that the dye used to colour the strap is water-based and eco-friendly. A lot of care has gone into ensuring this business is run ethically and sustainably, at the same time as giving back generously to society.

–Emma Freeman


Second Earth has created a Yoga Strap that’s strong, durable and functional. Its length would be suitable for all bodies and all postures. In addition, made from organic cotton and chemical free dye, it’s good for you and good for the planet!
I just love that all of Second Earth’s products are biodegradable – they come from the earth and return there. Every element of their business is gentle on the planet and gentle on us consumers.

–Melissa Mai


Adding this yoga strap into my practice has definitely helped me deepen my stretches and aided in my posture and standing balances. It’s now such a pivotal element of what I do, I use it every day. Beautifully made to last out of high quality, thick, organic cotton. I highly recommend it.

–Emily Fletcher

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