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Seedling Baby – Multi-fit Pocket Nappy



Introducing the ultimate cloth nappy for all stages. This adjustable design features a snap-down rise, catering to newborns through toilet training. Accompanied by a fully adjustable prefold style insert, it effortlessly adapts to your baby’s age.

Nappy made from: Outer shell: 100% polyester, polyurethane laminate coated, Inner lining of shell: 100% polyester suede cloth, Trifold booster: 70% bamboo viscose, 30% cotton, Slim booster: 100% polyester microfibre
Seedling Baby uses a factory in China that they have worked with for almost 17 years. The factory was established in partnership with a UK cloth nappy company that is strict about labour welfare. The workers range in age from 29 to 58. The cotton fabric suppliers have OEKO TEX certification, and the bamboo fabric suppliers have FSC chain of custody certification. Seedling Baby sources its cotton primarily from Henan, Hunan, and Shandong provinces and does not use Xinjiang cotton.
Seedling Baby strives to be environmentally friendly in their packaging and operations. Their cartons are made from 100% recycled material and compostable satchels are used when possible. They have eliminated single-product swing tags from their entire range and don't pre-package anything prior to sending out to customers. Seedling Baby aims to send out orders quickly to encourage families to switch to cloth nappies and reduce their landfill waste. Their blog provides ideas and inspiration for eco-friendly options around the home.
Seedling Baby donates cloth nappies and accessories to Agape Children's Home in Thailand and sells seconds products at below cost to families struggling with the expense of cloth nappies. The brand also works with childcare centres, preschools and community groups in Australia through a wet bag fundraising campaign program and provides subsidised nappies to various community groups and councils across Australia that offer free nappies and information to new families.

Product reviews from our experts…


I love the double gusset design of the shell and the wide pocket opening that makes it super easy to stuff! I love that this brand has pioneered cloth nappies and has made it so important to make them accessible to everyone.

I also think that their long standing connection with an ethical factory is a fantastic way to ensure their production remains sustainable and ethical.

–Emma Meyer


I really like the shape and fit of this nappy. I also love the double gusset and have found the inserts to be super absorbent – no leaks here!

It sounds like they have a really close working relationship with their team in the factory, which is lovely to hear. I also appreciate all the work that they do with childcare centres/preschools.

–Claire Karlson


These cloth nappies are so simple to use and are very absorbent. I like the snap buttons on these nappies to grow with the child.

I also like that they are using recycled material for packaging, donating to children’s homes and selling below cost price to support families, as well as working across multiple facilities here in Australia.

–Crystal Love

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