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Serene Body Health – Amplify Perfume Oil


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. 100% pure essential oils in an organic jojoba oil base.
Serene Body Health products are manufactured in Australia and handmade in Melbourne. The oils are all sourced from ethical, local Australian suppliers.
All Serene Body Health product parts are recyclable. Their packaging is made from paper and cardboard sourced in Australia and their printing is done in Victoria. All orders are sent out in cardboard boxes.
Serene Body Health creates products that are healthy and support the mind and body, encouraging self-care practices, healthy daily rituals and mindfulness practices. The brand supports the Happy Boxes Project by giving regular donations and products. They create Happy Boxes with their perfume oils every few months. They also create Happy Boxes with other products from local, ethical Australian small businesses.

What our experts say...

Holy wow! The decadent, heady scents of cinnamon hit you right in the pleasure centre, wrapping you in a warm, invigorating, spicy hug. It both lifts and soothes, and will make you smile involuntarily. Can’t. Get. Enough. Of. I love Serene Body Health’s commitment to sourcing, manufacturing, and supporting local Australian businesses and NFPs. Their use of organic, cruelty-free and non toxic ingredients is something I admire and appreciate.

– Niccii Kugler

This is a layered, quite rich fragrance with predominantly sandalwood and rose. Giving away luxury products is great to see by the brand.

– Ria Andriani

I loved that the bottle size was travel friendly, I was able to pop it in my handbag or nappy bag without any extra weight. The Amplify Perfume oil scent was subtle and not overpowering. I think Serene has some beautiful foundations of being a leading sustainable Perfume Oil brand. I would love to see a few more elements brought into it though to really amplify their impact!

– Petria Leggo-Field

I really like to choose my perfume by what I’m hoping to bring into the day and love Serene’s aromatherapy blends for setting those intentions. Amplify has a really warm scent with cinnamon and woody notes and I find it really grounding and balancing. In this crazy world, I’m reaching for it a lot!

– Emily Fletcher

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