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Serene Body Health – Red Desert Perfume Oil


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. 100% pure essential oils in an organic jojoba oil base.
Serene Body Health products are manufactured in Australia and handmade in Melbourne. The oils are all sourced from ethical, local Australian suppliers.
All Serene Body Health product parts are recyclable. Their packaging is made from paper and cardboard sourced in Australia and their printing is done in Victoria. All orders are sent out in cardboard boxes.
Serene Body Health creates products that are healthy and support the mind and body, encouraging self-care practices, healthy daily rituals and mindfulness practices. The brand supports the Happy Boxes Project by giving regular donations and products. They create Happy Boxes with their perfume oils every few months. They also create Happy Boxes with other products from local, ethical Australian small businesses.

What our experts say...

I like that the smell of this perfume oil isn’t sweet – it is gender neutral and although when it first goes on it seems quite strong, after a few minutes it becomes lovely and subtle. I love that the ingredients are all from Australia, that everything is recyclable and the efforts made to reduce packaging waste.

– Lucy E Cousins

The smell is subtle, the applicator is beautiful to use (love the roller packaging). This particular scent is divinely reminiscent of the outdoors and subtle enough for continued re-application.

– Alena Turley

Sweet, spicy and musky, this is a delightfully warming and cosy scent. I found myself wearing this on cold winter days when all I wanted was to snuggle down with a book. Joyful! I commend Serene Body Health for donating products to women living in remote communities.

– Emily Fletcher

A wonderfully warming perfume oil that truly does transport me to the desert. Contains some of my favourite oils: frankincense, myrrh and honeysuckle, as well as buddha wood, boronia and amyris. Love that these perfume oils are locally made as well as the brand’s efforts to reduce waste.

– Emma Freeman

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