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Seven Sundays – The Baby Oil



The Baby Oil contains 100% natural ingredients and is fragrance-free, making it ideal for relaxing massages. It nurtures growing bellies and babies, bringing families closer together and promoting better sleep.

Formulated from excellent non-toxic ingredients. Includes organic sunflower oil.
Seven Sundays prioritises safety by using 100% non-toxic and certified vegan and allergy-free products. They only test their products on themselves and utilize natural and organic ingredients to make their products. The brand practices fair production by making batches in Melbourne with a family-owned manufacturer. They believe in transparency and share all of their ingredient information on their packaging and website. Their products contain natural ingredients such as magnesium, Aloe vera, calendula, plant-derived Squalene, and a prebiotic from chicory root. The products are fragrance-free to prevent inflammation and reactions.
Seven Sundays, prioritises sustainability in every aspect of its production process. They focus on multifunctional and eco-friendly products, using organic ingredients where possible, reusing and recycling packaging, minimising water consumption and using environmentally friendly materials. The brand partners with Australia Post for carbon-neutral parcel deliveries and is committed to continuously exploring new ideas and methods to improve its sustainability practices. All products are made using recyclable materials.
Seven Sundays is proud to support The Nurtured Village Hampers, a nationwide charity focused on preventing and raising awareness of mental health disorders in new mothers. The charity is led by a member of their local community, and the brand has sponsored their launch and donated a percentage of their sales to the cause. Seven Sundays aims to support mothers throughout their journey into motherhood by partnering with other community resources and charities.

Product reviews from our experts…


This was a beautiful oil for my baby’s whole body and wasn’t too sticky because it was easily absorbed. I could dress my toddler straight after the application – which is great on these cold winter days. Nourishing and no reactions from my highly sensitive little boy.

I love that they are 100% non-toxic and certified vegan and allergy-free products which is extremely important in our family. Also their commitment to reuse or recycle where possible was impressive to me!

–Amy Maree


I love how easily this product rubs into the body and absorbs quite quickly so my baby’s skin isn’t left feeling oily and slippery. Their skin still feels soft for hours after use. I love to read that their products are made in Melbourne. All of the support they provide to new mothers is also to be commended!

–Claire Karlson


This baby oil I have loved! It just has the best texture and you can tell there are no perfumes in it or anything toxic. It hasn’t irritated my baby’s skin at all – he seems to really like it! I constantly use it as a post bath massage and at maybe half of his changes on the nappy change table. It helps create that smooth comfortable massage without tugging at his skin. It has a beautiful texture to it! We have really loved it – have used it alot and will definitely be buying it again!

–Dee Zibara

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