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Seven Sundays – The Baby Wash



The Baby Wash is a gentle, fragrance-free cleanser suitable for both hair and body. Its organic and natural formula, crafted with care, includes magnesium. Safe for little ones, it promotes longer bath time and a good night’s sleep.

Formulated from excellent non-toxic, mostly organic ingredients. Includes aloe vera, calendula extract and magnesium.
Seven Sundays is committed to safety throughout its innovation process. Its products are 100% non-toxic and have been Allergy and Vegan certified. The company prioritises natural and organic ingredients and has a philosophy of using less is best, sharing full ingredient information on packaging and website. The products are crafted in Melbourne using a family-owned manufacturer to benefit the environment and ensure fair production for all involved. Natural ingredients, such as magnesium, Aloe Vera, and plant-derived squalene, support a healthy skin barrier while being fragrance-free to protect against reactions and inflammation.
Seven Sundays prioritises sustainability in every aspect of its production process. It focuses on multifunctional and eco-friendly products, using organic ingredients where possible, reusing and recycling packaging, minimising water consumption and using environmentally friendly materials. The brand partners with Australia Post for carbon-neutral parcel deliveries and is committed to continuously exploring new ideas and methods to improve its sustainability practices. All products are made using recyclable materials.
Seven Sundays is proud to support The Nurtured Village Hampers, a nationwide charity focused on preventing and raising awareness of mental health disorders in new mothers. The charity is led by a member of their local community, and the brand has sponsored their launch and donated a percentage of their sales to the cause. Seven Sundays aims to support mothers throughout their journey into motherhood by partnering with other community resources and charities.

Product reviews from our experts…


This baby wash is probably one of my favourites from this category. I really love the packaging, pumps always make bath time easier! I like that there is no scent and the magnesium is an added bonus in my book. The bubble factor is amazing and stays right up until bath time is finished.

I LOVE that the baby wash is 100% non toxic and never tested on animals. Sharing a full ingredient list is a huge plus for me. I like to know what I am putting in my kids’ bath. I also really like that they are committed to continuously exploring new ideas/methods to improve their sustainability practices and that all products are made using recyclable materials.

–Samantha Gilmore


The clever addition of magnesium in this skin soothing and softening baby wash makes it a cleanser with more. It formed a great part of an evening wind-down ritual in our household that my little one loved. The matte textured bottle also really serves a great purpose – it was far less slippery in the hands than the standard vessels, which I really enjoyed. A small detail but one that really impacted its use.

It’s really well-rounded and considered, which always implies a great degree of authenticity and real desire for positive change rather than a marketing spin.

–Amy Starr


I love the design of the packaging and the pump bottle is very handy to have. I also find that this wash creates a nice foamy layer & washes well. I loved to read that their products are made in Melbourne. Also all the support they provide to new mothers is wonderful.

–Claire Karlson

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