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Shahana – 2-in-1 Aftershave and Moisturiser


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic, mostly organic ingredients. Includes calendula, Kakadu plum, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid.
Shahana uses carefully vetted natural non-toxic ingredients, nearly all ingredients are sourced from a reputable Australian supplier with governing ethos of environmental awareness, sustainability and fair trade. Products are handmade in Australia from Australian certified organic ingredients. All raw materials that Shahana uses are sourced from responsible and fair trade sources and are mostly plant based. Many processes are undertaken in-house. Furthermore recyclable packaging for products is used and home compostable Hero post packs are used for standard postage.
Shahana uses minimal packaging and recyclable plastic or metal containers. Shipped in a cardboard box with natural wood wool. The brand also provides some container recycling for a closed-circle.Shahana utilizes in-house design and on-demand label printing to reduce wastage. Products are made in bulk quantities to minimise resources and are only shipped within Australia to minimise 'product miles'. Shahana is committed to ongoing research into improving their environmental footprint and sustainability.
The brand has established a charity fund called 'Empowerment Fund' in line with their vision (Enhanced health, Empowered Communities, Enriched Earth). Via this fund, last year, their business donated to the Fred Hollows Foundation. This year, they have supported the following charities; St Vinnies assist a student program, The Nature Conservancy Australia and Worldvision Australia. Shahana has goals to do even more next year.

What our experts say...


This product is not greasy, has a lovely light fragrance and does a great job of moisturising – even after a particularly dry skin day in the sun! I also love that the brand is aiming at non-toxic, fair trade ingredients, is locally made and has packaging that can be recycled – wonderful!

–Josh Reid Jones


Found the pump action extremely useful and the portion amount was perfect for not only moisturising the neck but also my entire face. Pleasant fragrance and as I have sensitive skin, have found myself using this daily with no reactions. Admirable approach to empowering communities/foundations/charities with a percentage of profits given to these organisations. Being First Nation’s I tend to place my own & professional give back to indigenous communities, our land and animals.

–Rhys Ripper


Presented in a masculine black vessel, this 2-in-1 aftershave and moisturiser is lightweight and glides across your face with ease, being instantly absorbed by the skin. The hydrating cream has a well balanced fragrance and gives off an appealing, soft cinnamon scent. Wonderfully, the product contains quality skin health promoting ingredients, such as various natural oils, hyaluronic acid, calendula and co-enzyme Q10. Shahana is a local and charitable brand that ensures they are supporting fair trade suppliers and sustainable farming practices. I love that the brand aims to provide premium products at affordable prices, by conducting some of the business processes in-house (e.g. label design and printing).

–Dominique Scott

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