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Shahana – Moisturising Cream


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes organic shea and cacao seed butters and macadamia oil
Shahana uses carefully vetted natural non-toxic ingredients, nearly all ingredients are sourced from a reputable Australian supplier with governing ethos of environmental awareness, sustainability and fair trade. Products are handmade in Australia from Australian certified organic ingredients. All raw materials that Shahana uses are sourced from responsible and fair trade sources and are mostly plant based. Many processes are undertaken in-house. Furthermore recyclable packaging for products is used and home compostable Hero post packs are used for standard postage.
Shahana uses minimal packaging and recyclable plastic or metal containers. Shipped in a cardboard box with natural wood wool. The brand also provides some container recycling for a closed-circle.Shahana utilizes in-house design and on-demand label printing to reduce wastage. Products are made in bulk quantities to minimise resources and are only shipped within Australia to minimise 'product miles'. Shahana is committed to ongoing research into improving their environmental footprint and sustainability.
The brand has established a charity fund called 'Empowerment Fund' in line with their vision (Enhanced health, Empowered Communities, Enriched Earth). Via this fund, last year, their business donated to the Fred Hollows Foundation. This year, they have supported the following charities; St Vinnies assist a student program, The Nature Conservancy Australia and Worldvision Australia. Shahana has goals to do even more next year.

What our experts say...


I really love the scent of this lightweight, quickly absorbed moisturiser. It works well as a day cream. I appreciate the efforts this brand takes to source ingredients ethically and transparently as well as their efforts to give back to society and reduce their carbon footprint.

–Emma Freeman


This is an extremely soothing product that made my skin feel so buttery soft and the subtle creamy scent makes the product even better to use. Shahana has diversified and delved into charities to help both people and the environment. The brand’s honesty about doing more next year is how I feel about my own brand – more can always be done/achieved.

–Catherine Jia


This is a lovely lightweight moisturizer that sits perfectly under makeup and over other skincare ingredients. I didn’t irritate my sensitive skin and felt lovely and hydrating. It is clear that Shanahan is a small business trying to make an impact with their considered approach to ingredient sourcing, production and their approach to business.

–Ash Quinn

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