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Shampoo With A Purpose – Head To Toe Bar



Introducing the Head To Toe bars, an all-in-one product to keep hair, beard, body, and face clean. These shaving bars are SLSA-free, Palm-Oil Free, Vegan, Plastic-free, Australian Made, Eco-Sustainable and Cruelty Free. Support Aussie business for an effortless shower experience.

Formulated from excellent clean ingredients including Moroccan argan oil, shea butter, chia and frankincense oils.
Shampoo With A Purpose is dedicated to ethical practices throughout its business, making quality, Australian-sourced, 100% vegan, cruelty-free and palm-oil-free products. The manufacturing process ensures durability, which promotes quick usage, minimising consumption, and reducing waste. The brand offers a comfortable and supportive workplace environment with events and initiatives that reinforce work-life balance. The brand has maintained high ethics and standards since its establishment in 1983 and continuously seeks a better world as they grow.
Shampoo With A Purpose prioritises sustainability and ethical practices throughout their operations. Their entire SWAP range is vegan, cruelty-free, and palm-oil free. The brand minimizes plastic packaging and uses compostable cardboard or reusable aluminium tins for their SWAP range. They only use recyclable jiffy post-packs, cardboard boxes, shredded paper, eco-friendly paper bags, biodegradable tape and packing paper for shipping. The brand utilizes reduce/reuse/recycle examples such as using ingredient barrels as bins, a rainfall collection water tank, used and broken down pallets as shelves and donating excess stock to charity. SWAP offers affordable eco-conscious behaviour products to engage consumers in environmental change. They plan to introduce more eco-sustainable products, which may increase business and encourage competitors to produce more ethical products.
Shampoo With A Purpose supports local charities and donates products to those in need, including homeless shelters and food banks. They also donate a portion of sales to local animal shelters. The brand promotes like-minded small businesses on their marketing materials and collaborates with them on social media. Shampoo With A Purpose is committed to creating eco-sustainable products to ensure a safe and prosperous future and values societal and environmental change through collaboration, not competitiveness.

Product reviews from our experts…


The bar lathers quickly and easily and the natural scent is pleasant. Love the custom cardboard box and that the product is Australian made.

I’m impressed that Shampoo With a Purpose’s Head to Toe bar is seeking to provide a sustainable alternative to using a separate shampoo, conditioner, body wash and shaving cream and that the product is a healthier alternative for both hair and the planet. Love that the packaging is compostable too and that bars are donated to social organisations that support the homeless and people in need.

–Laura Trotta


I like it can be used for anything and is made from plastic-free packaging.

I am impressed by the focus on sustainability in the operations itself.

–Julie Mathers


Perfectly zero waste – my husband happily uses this bar for everything in the shower – as a body wash, shampoo and face wash. He loves how it smells and finds it easy to use and effective. I love how much clearer our bathroom side is with less products too! I also really appreciate the sustainability and social responsibility values that Shampoo with a Purpose have.

–Emily Fletcher

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