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Shoku Iku – Matcha Ashitaba Latte


Made from excellent ingredients including organic ceremonial grade matcha, coconut milk and ashitaba.
Shoku Iku’s products are blended in Australia. The brand uses suppliers who respect and care for the land and those involved in the production. They must have high ethical standards of production, such as paying staff a living wage, only employing adults, respecting the earth and cultivation with a small production footprint. The brand ensures they don't source herbs in a way that strips the environment and they only work with partners who understand this.
Shoku Iku uses miron/ biophonic jars for their herbs, a type of deeply coloured glass that filters the spectrum of visible sunlight, to keep the content fresh and maintain the product's natural biophotons. The brand’s labels are compostable with vegetable ink and printed by a local printer, their postal packaging is either fully compostable, biodegradable or made with recycled materials and minimal packaging is used. The brand also uses Sendle - a 100% carbon neutral shipping service.
Shoku Iku is actively involved in charities and initiatives such as For You Haiti, Disco Yoga, Action Aid and One Tree Planted. The brand also provides monetary donations, time and services such as catering and running fundraising events to the community (such as during the recent bushfires and floods). Recently, the brand has also started to help and promote issues pertaining to motherhood - creating a safe space and community for women to frankly talk about childbirth, issues with parenting and loss.

What our experts say...


This vibrant green, organic latte is an absolute delight to drink! The matcha and ashitaba flavours are wonderfully complimented by the sweetness of the coconut milk and monk fruit. The combination of ingredients also provides health promoting, disease fighting and anti-aging effects. Definitely a product to include in your daily routine. Shoku Iku are a conscientious brand who carefully consider every aspect of how the business operates. I think it is admirable that they seek out suppliers who respect and care for the land and that they are always looking for ways to improve.

–Dominique Scott


This is a little different to any other ceremonial grade matcha that I’ve tried because it’s blended with coconut milk, monk fruit and the Japanese herb Ashitaba. The monk fruit and coconut milk give it a subtle sweetness and I’ve really enjoyed drinking it with frothed soy milk. It has a slight vegetal taste which isn’t overpowering. The Ashitaba gives it a health boost and I was intrigued to read about its benefits. I love that all ingredients are organic and that the matcha is traditionally cultivated. I’m really impressed by Shoku Iku’s incredible efforts to source ethically and sustainably and give back to society.

–Emma Freeman


I’m personally not a huge fan of matcha but I find this product blends really well and makes a really smooth drink. I really love that they work with a variety of different charities depending on where the need is. I think that’s really important and can be more helpful than focusing solely on one.

–Hannah Edwards

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