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Sienna – Strengthening Nail Polish Remover



Sienna’s Strengthening Nail Polish Remover is a gentle, oil-based formula containing three ingredients, including horsetail plant extract for strength, growth and hydration. It effectively removes nail polish without compromising the nail’s natural moisture.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients including sunflower oil.
Sienna is a plant-based nail polish brand that uses renewable sources such as corn, cassava, sugar cane and cotton for its ingredients. They have minimal ingredients, no nano particles and no glitter due to micro plastic. The brand only works with certified child labour free suppliers and uses 100% renewable energy to power their offices. Sienna is certified by PETA, Leaping Bunny, Vegan Society, B-Corporation, Made Safe, and Halal. Their manufacturing takes place in France.
Sienna is a B-corporation certified brand that offers clean, plant-based ingredients made from renewable sources. They use 100% renewable energy in their offices and from their suppliers, and their packaging is recyclable and compostable, including their home compostable tape. They offer an in-house recycling program and do not use glitter as it is a microplastic. Their reusable glass nail files are designed to last a lifetime. The brand also uses timber caps instead of plastic, made from a non-native timber that is classified as a weed.
Sienna prioritises ethical and legal sourcing in their supply chain, working with credible suppliers and utilizing locally sourced materials. They also hold various certifications, including Made Safe, Vegan Society, Leaping Bunny, Halal, and B-Corporation. Additionally, they donate regularly to UNICEF and work closely with local charities in Byron Bay. One example of their local sourcing is their timber caps, which are made from locally felled trees.

Product reviews from our experts…


I am so impressed that this natural nail polish remover contains only 3 ingredients AND it actually works! No toxic chemicals or nasties and it leaves my nails and cuticles looking hydrated, healthy and ready for my next manicure!

I love that they use plant based and ethically sourced ingredients for their formulations and that they are B-Corp Certified – such a positive step for sustainability especially when it comes to nail polishes! I am also impressed by the thoughtfulness of their signature timber caps created using non-native timber from felled trees which would otherwise be weeds so it is not harming our native ecosystem.

–Marisa Robinson


I absolutely adore Sienna’s Strengthening Nail Polish Remover! Not only does it effortlessly remove my nail polish, but its gentle formula and subtle scent make the process enjoyable. Knowing that it’s made with sustainable ingredients and comes in recyclable packaging makes it a perfect fit for my eco-friendly lifestyle. This nail polish remover truly combines effectiveness with sustainability, making it a must-have in my beauty routine. 🌿💅

Sienna has truly won my heart with their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Their use of renewable ingredients like corn, cassava and sugar cane in their nail polishes aligns perfectly with my eco-friendly values. Plus, their dedication to being child labor-free and utilizing 100% renewable energy for their operations shows they’re making every effort to make a positive impact on the planet. It’s a pleasure to support a brand that holds certifications like B-Corporation, Vegan Society, Leaping Bunny and actively gives back to causes like UNICEF and local charities. 🌱💅

–Petria Leggo-Field


It’s usability and function was amazing and it had a much more pleasant smell than regular nail polish removers! The brand’s certification list is impressive and their timber lid initiative used sustainably is very cool to learn about also!

–Candice Needham

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