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Silverette Australia – Silverette® Nursing Cups


BRONZE + Editor’s Choice

Silverette® Nursing cups are a scientific solution that prevents cracked, sore and irritated nipple skin during breastfeeding or milk expression. It soothes and heals between cluster feeds and is suitable for all stages of lactation.

Made from excellent, non-toxic materials. 925 Silver (and 0.25 copper)
Silverette Australia ensures ethical practices in sourcing materials for their product and in the manufacturing process. The silver and copper used in Silverette cups are regulated by the Italian government and can be traced back to their original source through barcoding. Silversmiths in Italy manually manufacture each cup, adhering to the European Convention on Human Rights. These practices provide assurance against any unethical third parties involved in the acquisition and delivery of the silver.
Silverette Australia is committed to environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies by designing a product to last and using sustainable materials for packaging. The distributor also simplifies its operations by reusing existing boxes and utilizing eco-friendly stationery. The brand aims to minimize its carbon footprint and encourages staff to mix work routines. Invoices are conducted through electronic communication to reduce paper waste.
The Silverette moto is centred around "taking care of women" and supporting breastfeeding education and resources. The brand aligns with UN sustainable development goals by advocating for good health and well-being and providing Silverette cups to mothers who cannot afford them. The brand's approach also includes responsible consumption and production, with a circular economy focus that encourages long-lasting use of the cups, donation to a secondary market or recycling for use as precious metal.

Product reviews from our experts…


My right nipple was getting irritated from breastfeeding. Once I started using the Silverette nursing cups, this irritation effectively reduced. The nursing cups were easy and comfortable to wear. I will now continue to use the Silverette nursing cups as a prevention method to support my breastfeeding journey.

I also valued Silverette’s ethical statement to read that the silver and copper used in the nursing cups is regulated and traceable back to its original origin via barcode tracking. Traceable and transparent supply chains are a critical necessity in an ethical business!

–Renee Carpenter


These cups were the difference between being able to breastfeed for years to come, and having to stop within the first few weeks. They were so healing and so helpful that I just wore them all the time when I wasn’t feeding. I cannot recommend them enough and will be giving them to every pregnant woman I know! I also love how easy they are to clean, re-use and pass on as they’re so durable and long-lasting.

–Dee Zibara


Silverettes were something I reached for in the hospital to help with nipple damage and I found this time round they really helped! The inclusion of the o rings worked much better as they didn’t slip off my nipples. I had no idea that these were all manually made in Italy!

–Keira Rumble

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