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Silverette – SILVERETTE® Cups


Made from excellent, non-toxic materials. 925 Silver (and 0.25 copper)
Silverette is made in Italy under the manufacturing rules of the European Commission which is one of the strictest regulated authorities to ensure product safety. To make Silverette ® the silver used can only be acquired through metals agents authorized and controlled by the Italian government. Every batch of silver purchased for manufacturing comes with certification, there are controls and due diligence in place to ensure it’s sourced from reputable suppliers. The firm hires only experienced silversmiths to handcraft the Silverette. The manufacturer only works with experience and expertise acquired over the years in the hospital sector through contacts with doctors, nurses and other professionals. Everything is specialised and completed only in Verona Italy since 2001, nothing is offshore.
This is not a cream but silver that can be used multiple times without losing the effectiveness of the product. Once mothers are done with the product they can re-gift to a new mum or repurposed the product into a keepsake. The manufacturing is all done in one location to reduce their carbon footprint. Packaging and shipping materials are made from recycled paper and are recyclable. Furthermore there is no bio-waste, silver used in manufacturing is melted down in its purest form, no chemicals added. Local distributors' returns are recycled by being melted down for repurposing.
Silverette promotes breastfeeding and supports the journey for mums. Each distributor supports local initiatives to promote support and education for breastfeeding. The business model of distributors across the world works only with mothers who have used the product and have gone on to own their own business selling Silverette cups. Silverette supports small businesses and donates Silverette cups to local breastfeeding centres for mothers who need support.

What our experts say...


Blown away by these cups and how quickly and well they work. In the past when I’ve had cracked or sore nipples and had to wear creams they would stick to my bra or breast-pad and feel a bit icky. These were comfortable and gave my nipples a chance to heal without being further agitated by fabrics. I loved how they collected bits of milk. Being a forever product, I would love to see all first time mums getting a set of these to keep throughout the years of their motherhood and pregnancy journeys! Such a wonderful investment and great to know because they are pure silver they can be gifted on or repurposed. The company cares about what happens with their products post-sale and that speaks to their values.

–Courtney Dow


I love that these feel so good on the nipples and you don’t even notice they are there all day. I could not breast feed but these still helped my sore nipples! I used these with my first baby and love that they can be made into jewelry after which is so lovely. I passed mine onto a friend!

–Rebecca Sullivan


I absolutely love the silverette cups. They are easy to use, easy to clean, and work absolute wonders on sore, cracked nipples. I love that they sit easily in my bra, protecting my nipples between feeds, and love that they use the natural properties of silver and breastmilk combined to heal sore nipples. It’s great to be able to buy one product that can be reused as many times as needed and have the confidence that it will heal sore nipples at any stage in the breastfeeding journey, instead of wasting money on multiple creams/gels/discs etc. These cups have been a lifesaver for both the newborn stage as well as with an older baby who has caused damage from biting. Love love love them! I love that these are reusable. I am conscious of waste and reusable products are #1 on my list to be able to reduce my own personal waste. It’s also great to know that the silver used to make them is ethically sourced and regulated, and that the packaging is 100% recyclable!

–Emma Meyer

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