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Skin O2 – Multi-Purpose Rose Oil Serum


BRONZE + Editor’s Choice

Nourishing Nail Growth Cuticle Oil contains carefully chosen nourishing oils, aiding in the growth of sturdy and healthy nails. Its fast-absorbing formula effectively conditions cuticles, leaving nails nurtured.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients, including sweet almond, avocado and rose flower oil.
Skin O2 is an Australian skincare brand that uses clean, non-toxic and ethically-sourced ingredients that are safe for all skin types and suitable during pregnancy. The brand is cruelty-free and does not contain animal products or test on animals. Skin O2 also ensures the same ethical standards through contractual agreements with their overseas distribution partners.
Skin O2 is committed to sustainability and eco-friendliness. They use non-toxic and ethically-sourced materials for both their outer and inner packaging and ensure that their products are shipped to customers using recycled packaging. Additionally, they conduct bi-annual reviews to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their product development and manufacturing processes.
Skin O2 is committed to supporting women's empowerment causes, including support for domestic violence survivors and impoverished women in Australasia and around the world. They partner with organizations such as Miss Global, Miss World, Miss Galaxy, Miss Tourism Australia and Top Model Australia to provide financial and charitable support. Skin O2 also donates regularly to national and local charity causes, such as flood relief, the Make a Wish Foundation and charities. supporting children with autism and surf lifesaving.

Product reviews from our experts…


I am a huge fan of anything rose scented so this multi-purpose oil smelt heavenly when applied to my nails and cuticles. It is so nourishing, hydrating and the velvety-rich formula absorbs quickly so it doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily. I also love that it is multi-purpose so while I was at it I applied it to my face and hair which left my skin and locks looking radiant! The real rose petals within the bottle are so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing on my vanity too!

I also love that the range was founded and created by vegan doctors and their formulas are backed by science. I am really impressed that they conduct bi-annual reviews to reduce their carbon footprint – this is a really important initiative and so good that it’s not a one off process so they can continue to look for ways to improve and be more planet friendly!

–Marisa Robinson


I absolutely adore the Multi-Purpose Rose Oil Serum from Skino2! 🌹✨ Its heavenly rose scent makes me feel like I’m surrounded by a garden of flowers and the gentle rose color adds a touch of natural beauty to my skincare routine. But what truly makes my eco-friendly heart sing is its versatility – it’s not only user-friendly but also a multi-purpose gem, reducing the need for multiple products and packaging. This serum perfectly aligns with my values of sustainability and conscious living and I’m thrilled to support a brand that shares my eco-friendly mindset. 🌿🌸

I’m also truly impressed with Skin O2’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Their dedication to using clean, non-toxic ingredients and ethical sourcing aligns perfectly with my values of conscious skincare. The fact that they extend their ethical standards to overseas partners and actively reduce their carbon footprint through bi-annual reviews shows their genuine dedication to making a positive impact. Moreover, their support for women’s empowerment causes and charitable contributions to various organizations showcases their heartwarming efforts to create a better world! This is a brand that not only cares for our skin but also for our planet and community. 🌎💚

–Petria Leggo-Field


I like how versatile this product is to also be able to use it in a multitude of skin beneficial ways. The brand’s list of charity organisation relationships is impressive and a highlight to see!

–Candice Needham

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