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Soléo Organics – Face Moisturising Sunscreen



This ultra lightweight, invisible cream combines skincare and suncare, making it perfect to use under makeup. It features a natural rose scent and anti-aging oils. It’s biodegradable, with recyclable packaging.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients, including zinc oxide, cucumber and tea tree extract and argan oil. SPF 30+
Soléo Organics is Australian made, follows high ethical standards and uses only natural plant extracts in their fragrances, with no animal products or synthetic preservatives. The sunscreen is 100% chemical-free and uses botanical and herbal extracts and all products are cruelty-free and not tested on animals.
Soléo Organics prioritises sustainability, with their sunscreen tube and shipping packaging being recyclable and biodegradable. The sunscreen itself is all-natural, biodegradable and reef-safe as it uses micronised zinc instead of nano zinc. The brand also goes as far as making their tape and packing peanuts biodegradable.
Soléo Organics is committed to educating people about the effectiveness of sunscreen and the benefits of natural ingredients for health and the environment. They support local events by supplying sunscreen for prizes, giveaways, and raffles, such as a local swimming event in Cowaramup in April 2023. The brand emphasizes social responsibility in its efforts.

Product reviews from our experts…


There’s a lovely matte finish to this sunscreen that would make it perfect for someone with oily skin, or just anyone not looking for the standard dewy effect offered by so many sunscreens. It’s matte but not dry, with a really balanced, sheer feel on the skin that I enjoyed.

The capacity to manufacture locally, especially with a product you need to trust for critical protection, is so impressive. Considering the sustainability of packaging and shipping materials is also key to positive change, and should be commended.

–Amy Starr


I’m really impressed with how lightweight this sunscreen is, it feels as if it’s barely there. The scent is lovely and subtle and I love that it contains nourishing natural plant oils for added hydration. I also appreciate that the product arrived in biodegradable packaging and a recyclable tube.

–Emma Freeman


This is an easy and great sunscreen to have on hand for daily use and top ups. It has a light scent, applies easily without leaving a white cast and leaves skin feeling moisturised

I love that Soleo has a strong focus on education as a part of their social responsibility undertakings. Unfortunately lots of people still do not take sun protection seriously and as someone who has already experienced skin cancer in my early 30’s I’m a huge advocate for education as well.

–Ash Quinn

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