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Solibar – Calma Chameleon Shampoo Bar


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients.
Solibar products are handmade by a local supplier in Melbourne using all natural ingredients that would be found in your home. The brand chooses ingredients that are good for hair, health and water and the products are only tested on themselves.
All of Solibar’s solid bars are zero waste in nature and all of their packaging (including mailers) are made from recycled kraft. The brand strives never to make or do anything package or storage-related that is not a better option than the materials you already have in your home. Where possible Solibar uses Sendle as they are committed to reducing their carbon footprint.
During the bushfires of 2020 Solibar made several donations to affected areas and charities as chosen by their customer database. They also support people with product gifts who have been through chemotherapy and need a product that does not have harsh synthetic detergents. The brand is also looking into ways to develop their social mission further into 2021 and beyond with homelessness.

What our experts say...

This was a really lovely shampoo bar that left my hair looking clean, soft and healthy. Beautiful formulation of non-toxic ingredients. Love supporting a local small business and they have thoughtfully considered every touch point from the packaging through to formula. I especially like how they support cancer patients – as a cancer survivor myself I know the sensitivity your skin feels during treatment, so this is an extremely thoughtful initiative and gift to patients.

– Marisa Robinson

A beautiful fragrance and colour free gentle shampoo bar, which leaves my hair soft once rinsed, and without that squeaky stripped feeling at all. I find this shampoo bar really easy to apply as once wet, the bar only needs to be rubbed briefly over my hair before I have a lovely soft and soapy lather. I love that this is a true zero waste product and with a delightfully pure ingredients list it is perfect for those with sensitivities.

–Emily Fletcher

A lovely and refreshing shampoo bar that lathers up beautifully and leaves hair feeling clean and soft. Unscented, it’s a fantastic option for those with sensitive scalps or little ones. Love that the range is zero waste with compostable packaging.

–Emma Freeman

This shampoo gives a really beautiful and healthy clean and smells wonderful. The values in Solibar’s social responsibility statement are so well aligned with my own!

–Paloma Garcia

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