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Sonett – Bio Bubbles


Formulated from very good organic ingredients.
Founded in 1977, Sonett is made in Germany and has set the standards for environmentally friendly laundry, washing and cleaning. Their product excludes any petrochemical raw materials, genetic engineering processes and enzymes, but rather uses essential oils derived from organic plants. The labelling of many Sonett products is carried out by people with disability at the Camphill Workshops Lehenhof close by.
Sonett is committed to decreasing pollution, particularly in our waterways. By using readily and completely biodegradable raw materials, such as purely plant-derived soaps, sugar surfactants and minerals like sodium carbonate and silicates, Sonnett increases the washing performance of water during the laundry process all the whilst ensuring it’s returned into the natural cycle.
Sonett aims to build long-term relationships with their employees, business partners, suppliers and customers that are based on equality, trust, transparency and personal respect. Inclusion and diversity are of utmost importance, with Sonett integrating people with disabilities into their business, employing people of diverse nationalities and offering flexible working hours / parental leave periods to employees with family responsibilities.

What our experts say...

These bubbles were the best we have ever used! They made such big bubbles! I just love the anthroposophical nature of this brand – we are big fans of steiner education, so this was so lovely to read and hear about.

– Amanda Callan

With this wonderful bubble mix, I can let my children be carefree and enjoy the ultimate symbol of childhood play and parties without worrying about the chemical exposure that I would with cheap alternatives. They love that they can blow bubbles of different sizes thanks to the 3 different sized rings. So much fun has been had with these and I’m so grateful to have finally found a safe product I’m happy with!

– Emily Fletcher

So clever! I love that it won’t pollute anything with it’s all organic, child friendly solution and the kids love the big refill bottle for even more playtime outside. What resonates with me is keeping the health of the water and any run-off safe for all involved. I also love that the brand puts diversity in the fore-front of their minds and hires people from all walks and countries.

– Shara Osorio

I’ve always squirmed a little when my kids are given a bottle of bubbles at a birthday party – for both the plastic wastage and exposure to nasty toxins. Now I can enjoy watching my kids play with bubbles without the creeping guilt! And I love that a bigger bottle is available for refills. Now they just need to use recycled plastic for the bottle 🙂 I appreciate that Sonnett’s is a global leader when it comes to manufacturing non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning (and in this case, bubbles) products.

– Emma Freeman

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