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Sonia Orts – Sonia Orts No. 4


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients.
Sonia Orts ingredients are natural, palm oil-free, non-GMO, and organic certified whenever possible. Their products are also PETA certified, Cruelty Free & Vegan. The brand grows some of the plants they use in their own organic garden and support local small businesses for packaging, printing or flower supplies. Imported ingredients are tracked all the way up to the original supplier to ensure essential oils come from the right place, with the expected quality and from fair trade. The brand has certificates from these suppliers regarding non-animal testing and fair-trade ingredients.
Sonia Orts purchase all ingredients from Australian suppliers to minimise shipping emission and believe small batch production is more sustainable than mass production. The brand creates all-in-one products to reduce the amount of waste with their dynamic skincare, as well as wellbeing and fragrance collection. Sonia Orts believes in recycling and upcycling. They use eco-friendly inks, recycled paper in their packaging and even the bio-fill used to pack their parcel orders is biodegradable. Their containers are refillable glass bottles or jars completely recyclable, and they encourage clients to re-use them by sharing ideas to inspire them.
Sonia Orts donates 5% of their online sales to WWF Australia and are involved in several other projects. They added extra donations to three different organizations two years ago during the black summer Bushfires. The brand also sponsors a child through the Smith Family, Australian Children's Charity.

What our experts say...

This heavenly perfume instantly transports me to balmy evenings on beaches in faraway, exotic places. It is sweet, feminine, powerful and punchy. I’m intrigued by the Alchemic process in which it has been formulated by the founder herself. I appreciate that this company produces in micro batch and that they go to such great efforts to become zero waste and give back to society.

– Emma Freeman

Floral and feminine (and fits in your purse), the frangipani and jasmine evoke the best smells of Summer. Sonia Orts is sustainable, considerate of both the process and ingredients and supportive of local charities.

– Sarah Berry

The product itself is beautifully labelled and I love that it stays true to the values outlined – eco-conscious and multifunctional. It’s simple yet beautiful. There is a real “small business” feel to this brand and it feels like she really pours her heart and soul into every element. I love seeing small brands with big hearts and strong values – this seems to be one of them.

– Courtney Dow

A beautifully feminine, multi-layered floral perfume which delightfully lasts well on my skin and changes over time, giving accents of different florals. I love all things freesia and jasmine and am delighted to find their presence in this gorgeous scent too. I love that Sonia Orts purchases all her ingredients through Australian suppliers and even grows some of the plants they use in their own organic garden.

– Emily Fletcher

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