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Sophic – Moisture Treatment


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic, organic ingredients. Includes Capuacu seed butter, baobab seed extract and jojoba and hemp seed oils.
All Sophic products are vegan and free from animal testing and animal cruelty. The entire retail range is made in Australia ensuring factory workers are paid a living wage. Sophic has a number of policies in place to ensure that their suppliers, manufacturers and partners meet the highest ethical standards including; a Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement, Supplier Code of Conduct and Purchasing Policy. The brand is currently in the process of attaining B Corp Certification, with their distribution company Eco Salon Supplies having already achieved B Corp certification.
The Moisture Cleanser and Hand & Body Cleanser are packaged in a recycled glass bottle with an Aluminium cap making the packaging 100% plastic free, reusable and recyclable. Glass bottles can be recycled infinitely. Metal pumps are sold separately to reduce waste. Sophic is shipped to customers plastic free, dissolvable corn-starch packing beads are used to prevent breakages. As many ingredients as possible are sourced from Australia, reducing transport emissions. Furthermore Sophic HQ supports sustainable and ethical office supplies and recycling practices. Salons are encouraged to offer refill stations so there is less packaging in circulation.
Sophic partners with The Freedom Hub. The Freedom Hub’s mission is to prevent slavery in Australia and help people recover from the crime committed against them. Furthermore they donate to Big Ears Animal Sanctuary. A registered charity that rescues animals and provides animal education in an inclusive environment. Big Ears aims to challenge the way humans view and treat non-human animals.

What our experts say...


As I found out, not all hair oils are the same, so come in a mask/moisture treatment! I first used the Sophic shampoo, and followed it up with the moisture treatment. I found the treatment smooth to go on, and my hair was silky soft to touch. Did I mention that it smells like a day spa? I highly regard responsibility as a core value, and Sophic have shown that they are taking their impact on our planet with the utmost responsibility. Working towards B-Corp takes time, effort and a lot of dedication and I am excited for when all of his pays off for Sophic!

–Petria Leggo-Field


A delightfully thick, rich and cinnamon scented nourishing treatment cream. My daughter’s thick, dry curls are so soft after this and her hair stays soft and smooth for days after. I love that it’s plastic free and really appreciate that Sophic supports organisations which look after all people and animals.

–Emily Fletcher


The smell is divine, it smells like a vanilla chai latte. This is possibly one of the most effective hair masques I’ve ever used! I used the product religiously for 3 weeks twice a week and the improvement in my hair was definitely noticeable. I even let my daughters use it during a bath when they were fighting me to wash their hair, it was a treat and they absolutely loved it. I’m obsessed and will be making a purchase for sure! I love that they offer refill stations in their salons. They clearly have a keen focus on ensuring the safety of women and girls. Something that I am also very passionate about.

–Samantha Chrisitian

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