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Sprout Organic – Plant-Based Infant Formula


Made from excellent organic, plant based ingredients.
Sprout Organic is Australian made and owned, supporting investment and job growth in Australia. The brand’s ingredients are 100% plant-based, clean, certified organic and adhere to the HACCP protocol (meaning they know the co-operative regions and growers directly supplying them). In addition, they adhere to the 2018 Modern Slavery Act.
Sprout Organic’s plant-based nutrition offers a dramatically lower carbon, water, and ecological footprint compared to dairy-based counterparts. For example the brand’s infant formula utilises 65% less energy, 84% less greenhouse emission, 91% less land usage and 98% less water usage. The brand has started working on a climate positive program, they use tins that are fully recyclable and BPA-free (this includes their lids and scoops) and they ship products with recycled cardboard boxes and biodegradable tape.
Sprout Organic have partnered with Baby Give Back who strive to give every baby an equal start in life, and help families in need with essential items. The brand also supports Feed the Little Children, an Australian charity which cooks and delivers over 600 hot, healthy meals a week to highly disadvantaged children in Australia.

What our experts say...


This plant-based formula is a wonderful nutritional milk alternative for those wishing to feed their babies vegan formula or seeking a high-quality organic formula. I really appreciate the huge amount of nutritional and organic ingredients that go into the tin. I really appreciate this brand’s efforts to combat modern slavery, reduce their consumption of resources and reduce their carbon footprint. I also appreciate their efforts to give back to local communities.

–Emma Freeman


Sprout Organic have developed a wonderful plant based infant formula, offering parents an alternative option for their little ones. I especially liked that the ingredients are organic, non GMO and clean with no non nutritional fillers. It’s easy to make up and mixes as you would expect a formula to do. An excellent plant based option for little ones! A commitment to beating modern slavery and supporting children’s food charities are excellent social impact initiatives that I would also gladly support!

–Corrine Sultana


I love the fact that the formula is plant based, as I know many babies have sensitivities to cow’s milk proteins. The formula is packaged in a standard formula tin, with a cute koala as part of the packaging. I love that Sprout Organic has partnered with charities to support parenthood and giving babies a good start in life and feeding disadvantaged children. It’s so important to have a solid foundation and start to life.

–Fiona Morouco

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