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Squeakie – Squeakie


Silver & Editor's Choice
Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients.
Squeakie is made in Australia and New Zealand and has ensured that every step of the process, from ingredients to factory facilities and processes, are the best from both an ethical and quality performance perspective. All Squeakie ingredients are Certified Organic where possible and always 100% palm oil-free.
The Squeakie philosophy is kind to you, kind to others, kind to our planet. All Squeakie product packaging is 100% recyclable sugar cane derived packaging, and 100% recycled / recyclable paper and cardboard are used for their cartons. Squeakie’s pure milk whey alcohol is made from a by-product of dairy production, and uniquely contains zero unlisted denaturants.
10% of profits go to causes that need a hand and Squeakie currently supports Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders).

What our experts say...

Hands down my favourite! No smell and little to no sting on my eczema, this hand sanitiser is amazing – and the only hand sanitiser that I feel comfortable putting on the sensitive skin of my little ones. The branding is super sweet and not clinical unlike other hand sanitisers that can seem a bit too medical and honestly a little off-putting to the kids. It spreads well, even as a gel. I loved this product. Squeakie have really thought about every step in the packaging process to ensure that their products are better for the planet.

–Sam Christian

I really love the product packaging colours and theme as well as the lid so I know it won’t spill in my bag. It has a really nice, pleasant smell and feel. I also like that the bottle is refillable with the 250ml version. I love that the Australian made product packaging is 100% recyclable and 100% certified organic. The brand is doing great things in making sure that their product is sustainable and reusable. I also really appreciate that 10% of profits go to a charity organisation.

– Stephanie Kurlow

I find Squeakie is the most effective at not drying my skin. The pump made it easy to use at home and when going out and I don’t need to use much to clean my hands effectively. Being sustainable and supporting great causes has placed Squeakie as the winner of this award last year. So, well done.

–Ria Andriani

Squeakie is like no hand sanitiser I have tried before. Describing itself as a serum, as well as containing the necessary WHO guideline amount of alcohol, it also contains aloe vera and rosehip oil amongst other skin nourishing ingredients, balancing out the drying effect of the alcohol and instead leaving your hands soft and protected. This is an absolute game changer for anyone who has dry skin, eczema or works in a job where regular hand sanitising is required.

–Emily Fletcher

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