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StarSign Scents – Sagittarius


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients.
StarSign Scents are Australian made using 100% certified natural ingredients, with non toxic production. The brand is a mum and daughter business, with all the administration, marketing and general work duties done by women affected by and or living in poverty.
StarSign Scents natural production of non-dangerous and non-flammable perfumes gives off no emissions and leads to no environmental damage. The brand utilises safe ingredients and recyclable packaging.
Starsign Scents is an environmentally friendly brand that provides employment opportunities to women affected by and or living in poverty.

What our experts say...

I love how grounding this beautiful perfume is – it contains some of my favourite oils including vetiver, clary sage and lavender. The scent changes upon application, revealing a story, and I love how long the scent lingers for. 

– Emma Freeman

A scent for musk and star sign-lovers alike, it’s got that personal touch and the packaging is on point. I love that this is a mum and daughter business, made with love.

– Sarah Berry

Beautifully packaged and lovely aroma. I appreciate the product clarification that it may need to be applied a few times throughout the day and the suggestion of a pillow mist use. Great to see a business supporting disadvantaged women in their local community by giving employment opportunities.

– Courtney Dow

A beautiful aromatherapy based perfume designed to balance the mind, body and soul of those who bear the same star sign as the scent. As a Sagittarius myself, I found the lightly floral with musk and spice scent intriguing, calming, grounding and moreish. I admire that Star Sign Scents only employ women affected by/or living in poverty.

– Emily Fletcher

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