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Stay Tray


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. 100% recycled polypropylene.
Stay tray, who is B Corporation Certified, is proud to have Australian Made Certification, meaning they are an Australian Made and Manufactured product. The brand only uses 100% recycled plastics and all design, engineering and manufacture has been kept within a 60km radius of Stay trays home.
Stay Tray have designed a reusable alternative to what has always been a single use product and done using 100% recycled plastic. The brand has zero waste in their manufacture. They even have a tray ‘Stay tray with Simply Cups’, which is made from recycled plastic and disposable coffee cups. Single Use cups are collected from shopping centres, stadiums and offices across Australia via the Simply Cups Program. These disposable cups, which have always been disposed of to landfill, are then used as a raw material in the manufacture of Stay tray.
Stay tray is B Corporation Certified. This means that Stay tray meets the highest standards of social and environmental impact. B Corporations represent an emerging group of businesses that are dedicated to using the power of business to create a positive impact on the world, not competing to be the best in the world but rather, to be the best for the world.

What our experts say...

The ability to easily handle multiple cups of hot drinks at once without the risk of spillage. The tray is really stable and makes it easy for children to “help out” by carrying the hot beverages. I like that the product is reusable – so handy for trips to buy colleagues coffee – and that it’s made in Australia, from Australia’s plastic waste.

Made in Australia from recycled plastic helps to repurpose plastic that’s already in circulation, creates local jobs, AND stops the landfill and/or shipping of plastic waste offshore.

– Laura Trotta

I appreciate that it is an Australian made product from only recycled content. I love that they have tried to minimise their footprint by using 100% recycled plastic for the product, manufacturing in Australia and shipping without unnecessary filler packaging or any plastic.

– Lindsay Miles

I like the stability and sturdiness of the trays because of the materials they are made from. I really like the brand’s line ‘not competing to be the best in the world but rather, to be the best for the world’. This resonates with me alot as I believe we all can make an impact in our own way and make a difference. 

– Lille Madden

Pre-covid lockdown, I was part of a workplace which would do morning coffee runs and use a single use tray to carry them all. I cannot wait to replace it with the Stay Tray! Sturdy, well designed, easy to use and best of all made from recycled plastic and manufactured in Australia. Fantastic!

– Emily Fletcher

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