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Stored Naturally – Fresh Produce Enhancer


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. 100% hemp fabric, vegetable based inks.
Stored Naturally uses hemp because it is more ethical to grow than other fibre crops such as cotton. The brand’s hemp is grown and processed from raw fibre to fabric by small ethically operated family farmers in central rural China. The family enterprise supports their local community, upholds their artisan traditions that span over 2000 years, ensure safe working conditions, reward staff appropriately (including appropriate pay, accommodation and meals), refuse to use any chemical treatments or products and do not use child labour. Stored Naturally has personally travelled to rural China to inspect the ethical practices.
Stored Naturally uses hemp due to its sustainability, strength, durability and natural antibacterial properties. The natural colour, softness and texture of the brand’s hemp fabric is achieved in the natural processes of using heat, pressure and enzymes and chemical free yarning, ensuring it is pure and contains no toxins. The printing on the brand’s product is done with vegetable-based inks and as there are no chemicals used, far less water is required to grow the crop, it has good soil rejuvenation properties, is faster growing and is more profitable for small family growers.
Stored Naturally supports small crop farmers in rural China who work collaboratively with the family-owned fibre and fabric enterprise. The brand voluntarily hosts the Gutsy Matters Podcast to encourage and celebrate other gutsy small business innovators who are creating products that make a more sustainable, toxin free future possible. They also talk with researchers and scientists on their podcast to illuminate and explain related topics of concern, sustainability and conscious living, to provide the information we all need to keep adopting the small changes that lead to big improvements. As their business grows, Stored Naturally aims to support Flourish PYO, OzHarvest and other food outreach organisations.

What our experts say...

I love the simplicity of the packaging and the product itself. The brand’s values highly resonate with my own. Stored Naturally seems very committed to supporting the traditional work of farmers in China and have visited these locations, which I like. I also appreciate the brand’s decision and explanation on why they use hemp.

– Lille Madden

This is a beautifully made, lightweight hemp bag which is large enough to hold a significant amount of the vegetables I have in my fridge and really does keep them fresher for longer. I have noticed a huge difference in how long I can keep my lettuce and my herbs fresh particularly – they stay so much greener and full of life for many more days, it’s really remarkable. I’ve also been pleasantly surprised at how little extra effort this takes for the increased reward. I’ll definitely keep using it and recommend it to others.

– Emily Fletcher

This handy produce bag has been keeping my farmers’ market haul fresh for one week plus! I love that it’s made using 100% hemp. I really appreciate the brand’s efforts to go above and beyond in sourcing an ethical supply chain in China.

–Emma Freeman

Love the hemp. This is my favourite product from this category. I LOVE the thoughtfulness in materials used. Hemp is a winner.

– Kathryn Nelson

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