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Stripey Horse – Night Light Serum



The Night Light serum repairs and nourishes skin overnight, addressing premature aging, dullness, and rough texture. Its natural ingredients balance oily or unbalanced skin, offering a safe and gentle solution.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients, including jojoba, frankincense and blue tansy.
Stripey Horse is a small team operating from a home base in NSW, Australia, producing hand-manufactured, cruelty-free skincare products. The team believes in environmentally conscious practices, which they say leads to better, more effective products. They ensure their suppliers also follow these ethical practices.
Stripey Horse is committed to using environmentally-friendly and recyclable packaging, such as glass bottles and cardboard boxes. Its production methods focus on sustainability by creating small batches and only making products to order, reducing waste and excess inventory. The brand sources ingredients that are responsibly farmed and ethically sourced to support sustainable farming practices and avoid environmental degradation. Additionally, all products are made with natural and non-toxic ingredients to ensure the well-being of customers and minimize the risk of harmful chemicals entering the ecosystem. As a small business, Stripey Horse works with national suppliers to reduce transportation emissions and its carbon footprint.
Stripey Horse provides clear and honest labelling about their products' ingredients, sources, and potential environmental or social impacts. They educate customers about the use of synthetic-free products for health and wellness, and encourage sustainable and ethical choices. As their business grows, they partner with local organizations and businesses to support environmental initiatives and currently work with Stripe Climate for carbon removal.

Product reviews from our experts…


This gave me glass skin vibes! Easy to fall head over heels for with this fast absorbing, silky finish that you can feel skin soaking up. What is that scent? And stunning colour? It’s the elusive blue tansy! This feels like luxe but sans the complication. I wore it before bed to wake up with a firmer plumper looking skin or in the evenings under a mineral powder foundation for a dewy afterglow letting my skin do the talking!

I also love their commitment to creating small batches and only making products to order which helps reduce waste with excess inventory. Their environmentally conscious practices align with my preferences for a clean beauty brand, I look forward to seeing them grow.

–Amy Hughes


I love that this serum is made with such pure and simple ingredients. The most nourishing and beautifying essential oils give it a delicate aroma and luxurious feel. I also appreciate how the brand takes clear steps to reduce their environmental footprint and create products aligned with their low-tox values.

–Courtney Dow


We like the smell and feel of this serum! We are also impressed that the brand is working with local businesses to lower their carbon emissions.

–Kirstie + Sarah

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